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Riding into the Holidays: Razor Products to Gift & Cherish


This holiday season, give the gift of exhilaration from Razor’s extraordinary lineup, with options ranging from small to XL and from manual to electric. There are classic kick scooters as well as Hovertrax hoverboards with the latest technology, and everything in between. Razor has a ride for every age and skill level.

These 12 product families below are just a sample of what Razor offers and for each group we’ve highlighted a specific item that we think is an awesome gift for a child, teen or adult. Some of our luckiest followers will get a chance to take home one of these 12 amazing rides, so be sure to follow @razorworldwide on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook for your chance to win!

  1. Kick Scooter
    The A Kick Scooter hasn’t changed much since Razor’s beginning in 2000. With a sleek design, adjustable handlebars, and a lightweight frame, the A-series kick scooters are the timeless classic that we’ve grown up with and yet are still perfect for the next generation of shredders.
  2. Electric Scooter
    Razor’s electric scooters are great gifts for kids and adults looking to add some power to their explorations. The Power Core E90, with its high-torque hub motor, makes the electric scooter a great gift for kids. It has a push-button throttle and intuitive responsive braking for kids while being maintenance-free, a big plus for parents!
  3. Ground Force
    For young racing enthusiasts, the Ground Force series is a line of electric-powered go-karts. Ground Force Rad Rod, the newest and smallest product in the family, has a unique style that pays homage to the classic garage-built “rat rods” with an unfinished look and lowered hot rod stance. It’s the perfect gift for little kids who are ready to zip around on their first electric ride on.
  4. Pocket Mod
    The Pocket Mod series offers a stylish twist to the typical electric-powered scooters. Embracing a vintage-inspired design, these scooters combine fashion with functionality. The Pocket Mod Petite is the smallest of the family and is a great choice for kids that want a trendy ride that matches their bright personality.
  5. Rambler
    The retro-cool Rambler electric bikes are part of the hot trend of vintage-inspired minibikes. Rambler 12 is the smallest model in the product family and is perfect for adventurous kids looking for an electric bike with modern style.
  6. RipStik
    Riding a RipStik is like carving through waves or snow, but on dry land. The 360-degree inclined casters and pivoting deck on the RipStik Classic allows riders to move forward with a unique twisting motion. Everyone from kids to adults will have fun riding it, whether their goals are just to cruise or to master new tricks—RipStik is a gift for the ages!
  7. Dirt Rocket
    The Dirt Rocket series caters to off-road enthusiasts with its range of electric dirt bikes. The MX125 is the perfect intro to the adventure, offering the adrenaline pumping fun of off-road riding in a scaled-down size. Little kids will love getting this as a gift– their first taste of riding off-road on a mini dirtbike made just for them!
  8. Crazy Cart
    The Crazy Cart series delivers the intense fun and excitement of drifting to riders of all ages. Crazy Cart Shuffle is the newest product in the family and is the first kid-powered item in the line-up. The Shuffle is an incredibly fun, go-kart that enables riders to drive, drift, and spin with ease without the worry of charging batteries.
  9. Hovertrax
    Hovertrax are designed with Razor’s EverBalance® self-leveling technology to provide an intuitive riding experience. The anti-slip, rubber foot platforms on the Hovertrax 2.0 make for a steady ride and allow the rider to stop on a dime. This is a great gift particularly for anyone, kids or adults, who have dreamed of learning to ride a hoverboard.
  10. Jetts
    Jetts allow kids to transform their regular sneakers into adventure on wheels. The quick click frames are compact and make the Jetts Heel Wheels easy to put on so kids can get right to rolling. Of all of the rides listed here, Jetts are the smallest, lightest and least expensive gift option while being great fun for kids.
  11. RipRider
    The RipRider isn’t an ordinary trike for tykes. With rear inclined caster wheels, the RipRider 360 allows resistance-free drifting and 360-degree spins that other big wheel trikes can’t do. And for this holiday, make a special kid very happy with …
  12. PowerWing
    With an innovative, side-to-side movement, the PowerWing family of rides, including the DeltaWing, will be your kid’s new go-to for endless fun. DeltaWing is a trickable, innovative, three-wheel scooter that is like nothing else—a perfect gift for the sporty kid or teen that loves unique rides and freestyling.

Check out these rides and all of the other amazing products Razor makes—each one is the absolute best gift for a very special person, the hardest part is deciding amongst them all!

Happy holidays from Razor!