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Razor USA Company Social Responsibility Policy

At Razor USA, we are committed to making a positive impact. Our Company Social Responsibility (CSR) policy outlines our dedication to sustainability, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy, and health and wellness. By incorporating these pillars into our business, we strive to create a better future.


  • Sustainability

    Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to minimizing our footprint by working to implement sustainable practices throughout our operations. We will prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, responsible sourcing, and the production of environmentally friendly products.
    Product Responsibility: We design and manufacture products that are safe, durable, and environmentally responsible. We promote and educate our customers on the repair, reuse, recycling, and proper disposal of our products.


  • Philanthropy

    Community Engagement: We are dedicated to actively engaging with our local communities. We support initiatives and organizations that focus on youth development and outdoor play.
    Employee Volunteerism: We encourage our employees to participate in volunteering activities and provide them with opportunities to donate their time and skills to charitable causes they are passionate about.


  • Health & Wellness

    Active Lifestyles: We encourage active and healthy lifestyles by developing products that promote physical activities and outdoor play among children and families. We support initiatives that combat sedentary behavior. We use our platform and visibility to highlight, celebrate, and encourage intergenerational play, engaged parenting, and healthy family dynamics.
    Employee Well-being: We value the health and well-being of our employees. We provide a safe and healthy work environment, promote work-life balance, and work to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being for our employees.


  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Foster Inclusion: We strive to develop products that promote accessibility, ensuring that as many people as possible can engage with our products. We utilize inclusive imagery to highlight our broad spectrum of users
    Workplace Opportunities: We believe in providing equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other quality. We strive to foster a work environment that values diversity and promotes inclusivity in hiring, training, and promotion processes. We invest in educational and training initiatives to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of diversity


By upholding this Company Social Responsibility Policy, Razor USA reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy, and health and wellness. Together, we will work to make a positive and lasting impact on our world.