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Our Vision & Mission

Razor Enables the Freedom to Ride with a Global Impact.

At Razor, we exist to empower EVERYONE to join us in our mission to help protect our planet, to live a healthier lifestyle, and to give back. Our goal is to provide the tools and platforms that enable our community to have global impact while building sustainable products and act locally.

Our Pillars


Millions of people love using our products outdoors. We are committed to leaving our planet better than we got it. Our goal is to build fully recyclable products and commit to reducing our carbon footprint throughout our company.


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Health & Wellness

We believe our products are a key to unlocking a healthier lifestyle for all. We work with partners and friends to grow awareness about the importance of physical and mental health. At Razor, we are committed to provide platforms for our riders to get outdoors and be active.


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Giving is in our DNA, at Razor we promise to give everyone the chance to ride with freedom. We give products to people in need, who want to lead a healthier lifestyle, and want to be brand stewards for Razor’s mission.


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Our Partners

Call2Recycle is the country's largest, most reliable battery recycling program.

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