RipRider 360

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  • Ages 5 and up
  • Max weight 160 lbs

Next Evolution

It rides low-to-the-ground with rear inclined caster wheels that can do things not possible with other similar trikes. It’s the next evolution in everyday fun!


Drifting and Spinning Action

With the RipRider 360, our radical engineers have reinvented childhood, adding two caster wheels in the back for resistance-free drifting and 360 degrees of spinning action, which is something those big wheel trikes of the plastic kind can’t do.   You’re welcome.


Sweet Features

Features MX-style handlebar with rubber grips, double crown fork design, and welded steel frame and fork.  

Specifications Click to expand
  • Frame/Fork: Welded steel
  • Handlebars: MX-style
  • Grips: Soft, rubber
  • Crank: 3-piece
  • Front Wheel: Hi-impact, flat-free tire
  • View full specifications here
Features Click to expand
  • 360 degrees of ultimate spinning action
  • Dual inclined casters allow resistance-free drifting and spinning action
  • Features MX-style handlebar with rubber grips, double crown fork design, and welded steel frame and fork
  • Hi-Impact, front wheel with flat-free tire

2 reviews for RipRider 360

  1. Calsun

    Super fun product. Neighbor kids are always over wanted to ride it too. Not just the kids but the parents too. They all love to spin out . It is a little small for us adults but boy was it fun. They need to make an adult size.

  2. robbby125

    My grandchildren nieces and nephews love this scooter. Since there is no need to charge they can ride and have fun all day long

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