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Win a Treat, No Tricks!


Hey ghouls and boys, we know you have some extremely spooky costumes you’re ready to show off, so we decided to hand out some treats this Halloween. No hocus pocus!

That’s right. We’ll be picking three costume winners to win a FREE Hovertrax X-Ray. All treats, no tricks! The only tricks we want to see are on your Razor scooter with your awesome costume. Whether you’re dressing up to look spooky or silly, we’re going batty just waiting to see them all.

How do I enter?

Get your parents to help you submit your costume by uploading a photo on Instagram, tagging @RazorWorldwide and #CandyMoves, and make sure you’re following @RazorWorldwide. Bonus points if you pose with your Razor scooter in the picture. We’ll chose our three wild winners by 11/1.

Let your Razor scooter get in on the fun. If you want to give it a Halloween twist, add some fun orange and black streamers, spooky stickers, or Zombie-fy it by wrapping toilet paper around it. Maybe you want to make your scooter into a pumpkin? Well that’s easy too. Just cut out some paper triangle eyes and a mouth and stick it on your Razor.

You can also make your scooter into a fun part of your costume. You can turn it into a broom, a spaceship, a plane, a motorcycle, and a lot of other cool things.

If you’re staying in this Halloween, you can still have an extreme time. Get your costume on, submit your photo to @RazorWorldwide, then ask your parents to set up a bowl of candy in each room. Go through and knock on each door and say, “Trick or treat!”

Or you can even set up a candy hunt inside or outside the house. Ask someone to hide the candy for you, (don’t peek!) and then start collecting your candy in your trick or treat bag.

So whether you’re witching to get out and trick or treat, or having a spook-tastic time hanging inside, we hope you have a safe and extreme Halloween!