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Pumped for Pumpkins


At Razor, we know how to fall. It’s by trying to lightly roll when you hit the ground.

But we also know how to Fall. Scenic rides crunching through leaves. Beanies under our helmets when it starts to get cold. And of course…getting into the spooky, scooter spirit for Halloween.

This Halloween May Be Different, But You Can Still Have Festive Fun

That starts by setting the scary, seasonal scene. Between all the cobwebs and (hopefully!) fake bats and giant spiders, there’s one thing that’s truly essential. The pumpkin. A Halloween without a pumpkin is like a 4th of July without fireworks. Or Thanksgiving without the turkey. Or riding a scooter without a helmet! It’s just not right.

So we’re walking you through how to achieve pumpkin perfection with a carving tutorial, sharing some printable Razor stencils, and even handing over our prized Roasted Pumpkin Seed recipe. Let’s get to it.

Earn Your Pumpkin Patch

OK, so there’s not actually a badge for picking the perfect pumpkin out, but it’s still a feat of patience and pickiness. The first step is knowing where to go. Most grocery stores should have plenty of options this time of year or there’s probably a local pumpkin patch. Or hey, maybe you grow pumpkins! We don’t know you like that. If so, use one of them. Regardless—there are a few tips and tricks to picking a great gourd.

  1. Try to find one with a smooth, even surface for easier carving.
  2. Avoid any pumpkins with soft or squishy spots that might rot.
  3. A flat, level base helps prevent your pumpkin from toppling over.
  4. Give it a good thump! A sturdy pumpkin should make a deep, hollow sound.
  5. Carry it by the base, not the stem, to avoid any unexpected snappage.

Become a Master Carver

It can get a little messy, so you might want to spread out some newspaper on a table. This is where your masterpiece will come to life! But even the greatest sculptor needs the right tools. You can find Pumpkin Carving Kits online or at the supermarket to make things easier. You can also stick with a strong, serrated knife or X-Acto knives. Just be careful! They’re Razor sharp.

These are the basic steps for carving a killer pumpkin.

  1. Cut a lid in the top that will be big enough for your hand
  2. With a spoon, scrape out the guts and seeds (yes, it’s gross)
  3. Save the seeds! We have tasty plans for those
  4. Draw on your design or tape over the stencil you want
  5. Optional: Poke little holes all along the outlines, so it’s easier to cut
  6. Carefully cut along the lines, discarding the pieces along the way

Some bonus tips: an ice cream scoop actually works pretty well for scraping out the inside of the pumpkin. And legend has it, if you put petroleum jelly on the cut edges of your carved pumpkin, it seals in moisture and stays in better shape. Lastly, the classic finishing touch is to put a candle inside, but we’ve found adding a hunk of dry ice adds some smoky flair.

We made these stencils so you can carve your very own Jack-o-Razor. You can always paint your pumpkin too.

Now, About Those Seeds…

Not only is carving your pumpkin a fun, creative way to celebrate the season…it also leads to a delicious snack. Roasted pumpkin seeds! Simply save them, rinse and dry, toss with a little oil and seasoning, then bake. You’ll end up with a crunchy, fall bite packed with protein. They’re great for solo snacking, but also go well in granola or trail mix.

Check out our rad, Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe. Sweet or savory, your choice.

Show Us Your Jack-o-Razor for a Chance to Win!

And that’s our secret recipe for a fun and flavorful Fall day. A crafty, Razor-style carved pumpkin to decorate and a handful of perfectly roasted pumpkin seeds to seal the deal. If you and your crew carve your own Jack-o-Razor, share it on social for a chance to win a prize pack and be featured on our channels. Just post it with #RideRazor or tag us @RazorWorldwide.

We have more Halloween fun up our scootering sleeves, so check back soon for a special Razor costume contest. As always—enjoy the ride!