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Heading Back to School?


Razor Gets An A+

Families everywhere are heading back to school and that means back to school shopping! In addition to pencils, pens, notebooks, and backpacks, many Moms across the country are adding Razor to their shopping lists. This year, why not help your kids get back in the swing of school – and make it there before the first bell! – with a super-cool Razor ride like the ones below? Whether you walk with your child or they ride on their own, please remember, as we’ve advocated for years, parental/adult responsibility and supervision is necessary, and use protective gear and check local laws before you kick off!

Razor A Scooter

Great for getting to school and back, the Razor A Scooter features high-quality construction designed to last for years of use, including an aluminum deck and T-tube and adjustable handlebars. Razor fan knows that “exercising our bodies is just as important as exercising our minds” and added the Razor A Scooter to her back-to-school buys to help her kids blow off some steam and spend some quality time outdoors after school. For ages 5+. MSRP $44.99.

Razor Power A2 Scooter

The brilliant minds at are sending their kids back to school in style with our Power A2 Scooter. GeekMom touts the top speeds of 11 MPH and 6-mile travel radius on a single charge as just right for taking students to and from class on the sidewalk. Plus, when it runs out of juice, kids burn a bit of energy using it as a kick-to-run scooter – bonus!  Foldable and light-weight, kids can even transport it themselves if Mom doesn’t want to ride it home. For ages 8+. MSRP $199.99.

Turbo Jetts

Our Turbo Jetts are rolling back to school hot on the heels of the Ready Player One DVD release! A contest run in conjunction with Warner Brothers Entertainment sent Razor fans spinning for a chance to win a pair of Turbo Jetts and the hottest new DVD around. With maximum speeds of 10 MPH, Turbo Jetts electric heel wheels give your ordinary sneakers an electric-powered boost.  Easily adjustable, kids simply step into the “quick click” frame and tighten the hook-and-loop strap, then hang on as these hands-free, electric, motorized heel wheels take you to new heights of fun. Perfect for getting to and from school quickly and easily, Turbo Jetts are the perfect addition to your back-to-school shopping list. For ages 9+. MSRP $129.99.  Also available in DLX version – only at


Spark Ultra

Want to make an impression on the first day of school? Add some spark to your student’s commute with the Razor Spark Ultra! Featuring the high-quality construction and adjustability of the Razor A Scooter, the Spark Ultra’s got a little something special up its sleeve. Just step on the special Spark Bar to leave glittering sparks in your wake. loves the Spark Ultra as a way to add some pizzazz to her kids’ daily rides – and you can, too!