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  • Ages 3 and up
  • Max weight 48 lbs

First Wheels

Spark a love for riding that will last a lifetime with the Razor Jr. T3.

Three wheels make it easy to turn and hard to tip over, while building core strength and balance in young road warriors.

Razor Love

This marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the world of Razor scooters, because you never forget your first ride.

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  • Steering: Advanced tilt-to-turn technology
    • Smoother steering
    • Improved turning angle
    • More responsive action
  • For CA residents, click to see Prop 65 WARNING information
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  • Three-Wheel design helps young riders build core balance and riding skills.
  • Soft, rubber grips easy for youngsters hands.
  • Built specifically for youngsters still mastering their balance and coordination.

10 reviews for t3 Scooter

  1. ScubaPro

    I have 4 little girls, they range in the ages between 6 and 1 years old. Hands down, the T3 is the best to get a kid started scooting. It’s super stable, turns with ease, fast enough and maintains a good glide. The break is a bonus, most kids scooters don’t have breaks. All 3 of my girls got started on the Razor T3 and they have all graduated to faster and bigger scooters. Best scooter on the market to teach a young child to scoot with confidence.

  2. Kyle

    Super cute scooter, I very much recommend it if you have a younger daughter who inst big enough for larger scooters. Its a great introduction for them if you think they will ride scooters throughout their childhood.

  3. lkleto

    My son loves this starter scooter! We have new neighbors with 5 sons and they all ride their scooters in three neighborhoods. He wanted on immediately and I was terrified because of safety. This scooter is perfect. I feel very good about him being on it. He thinks it is great. Still scares me when he tries to go backwards down the driveway but that’s another story.

  4. aeem2005

    This t3 scooter is great for the learning scooter user. This scooter has three wheels to help little kids learn to balance better. The deck is wide for their little feet as well. My daughter has taken to this quickly and loves to ride it around our block. It’s easy for her to maneuver and turn on her own while still helping her gain coordination skills. The colors are fun and the design is cool. It’s really easy to put together out of the box as well. My only complaint is that the plastic deck could be a little sturdier, as it seems to bend some when she stand on it with two feet, but it holds up fine. I highly recommend this to any little learner!

  5. roxie92191

    This scooter has been amazing! My son was really excited at the idea of having a scooter but was nervous and lacked confidence. The two wheels in the front helped keep his balance and feel confident learning to steer.

  6. sbrumwell

    The t3 scooter is unlike most scooters for young kids. The tilt to turn aspect makes it so easy for little ones to use. My almost 2 year old has taken it over from my 3 year old and uses it with no problems. I think it is a great scooter to start out on. It has a break on the back. It has a low flexible base to helps make turning even easier. It offers a stable base to help kids learning to balance. It’s all around a great little scooter!

  7. lovessaving

    This is such a great little scooter. With the 2 wheels in front the kids could easily get on it and go…little help from the adults.

  8. littlemanbun

    This is what you want to get to start those toddlers off not he right start. With the super cute design, the two wheels in front this has been a very stable scooter for teaching the little one how to operate a scooter with. Love the break, you don’t see those on scooters often.

  9. [email protected]

    My 2 year old and 4 year old both LOVE this scooter. It is perfect how it doesn’t fall over and it is stable enough to where they feel comfortable to ride it down hills and around corners. High recommend.

  10. anmg13

    This is a great beginner scooter for 3-5 yr olds! Vibrant colors, easy to grip handles, and a steady base. This scooter won’t easily tip over because of its three wheels, making it ideal for new riders. It’s a smooth ride with lots of smiles!

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