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Which Razor Ride is the Perfect Holiday Gift?


Be a Holiday Hero with Razor’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Which Razor ride would make a great gift? Match the rider with their perfect ride using our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and be a Holiday Hero!

All smiles with this modern take on a vintage ride.



The electric-powered scooter that keeps the good times rollin’.



Edge-of-your-seat, downhill fun.



Master the ultimate hover-board-like ride.



Start them cruising early.



Light up their classic kick scooter ride.



Light up their classic kick scooter ride.



Larger wheels and a stronger deck for an absolutely smooth ride.



Carving up and down the pavement never felt so good.



A perfect ride for your wildest lil’ one.



Award-winning, revolutionary fun, turn after turn.



The Ultimate Drift Machine is now available in XL.



Drift + Speed + Spark = an epic go-kart experience.


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Don’t forget to take our Holiday Gift Guide with you to shop for your rider’s perfect ride!

Download the Razor Holiday Gift Guide

Step aside Santa, we’ve got a new holiday hero. Watch your rider’s eyes light up with all the possibilities of adventure as they unwrap their Razor gift. Then snap a pic of the joyous rider, share it on Razor’s Facebook page with the hashtag #RideRazor for a chance to win even more goodies.

And if you’re shopping for Santa himself, we think we have an idea what might be his perfect ride …