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Wave Goodbye to Winter – A Springtime Scavenger Hunt


Spring has sprung! Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, there are signs of spring all around you. Take advantage of these sunnier days to take a springtime scavenger hunt – walk, run, scooter, or skate, and be on the lookout for these seven sure signs of spring, including:


  1. Blue Skies – April may bring spring showers, but for the most part the skies are clear and blue in the spring! Take a look up and soak it all in!


  1. Clear Sidewalks – As the sun rises higher in the sky, the days get warmer, melting the snow and slush and leaving clear, smooth sidewalks – perfect for scooting and skating!


  1. Green Leaves – Warming temperatures and more sunshine mean beautiful green buds everywhere!


  1. Butterflies – Monarch butterflies can travel as many as 3,000 miles north and eastward after migrating in Mexico and California for the winter. Keep your peepers peeled and you might just spot one of these beauties on their way!


  1. Peepers – Speaking of peepers, these small, “singing” frogs love the puddles left behind by melting snow and their song marks the start of spring!


  1. Birdsong – Listen closely and you’ll hear the sounds of spring! Beginning in March, songbirds like warblers, sparrows, and finch start singing. Slightly less melodic, the woodpeckers start their tapping, too!


  1. Baseball Practice – Skies are clear, grass is growing, and baseball players everywhere are gearing up for the spring season! See if you can spot a pitcher or catcher, listen for the crack of the bat, and look out for fly balls!