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Walmart names Razor Spark Ultra kick scooter as a 2018 Top Toy


School may have just started, but your favorite stores are already stocking up on their hottest picks for the holidays! Mega retailer Walmart has just announced the top 40 toys every kid will want this holiday season. Chosen together by kids and toy experts, the list includes everything from the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage and Harry Potter Training Wand to cool LEGO sets, new Nerf offerings, and, of course, a hot holiday ride from Razor.

Yup, the Razor Spark Ultra Scooter made the list of this year’s best-of-the-best for the holidays! We’re not surprised. This best-seller offers the crazy fun of scooting with a flashy twist – a burst of glittering sparks. Riders simply step on the Spark Bar to send leave a wave of sparks in their wake. Out of sparks? Not to worry. Replacement spark cartridges are sold separately. Plus, the Razor Spark Ultra features ultra-bright LED wheels that glow a steady white when rolling for a bit of extra added flash.

And, of course, the Razor Spark Ultra offers a super-sturdy aluminum T-tube and deck, adjustable-height handlebars, foam grips, rear-fender brake, and patented folding system for easy carrying and on-the-go usage.

Available now, the Razor Spark Ultra is designed for kids ages 8 and up.  Check it out!