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Road Trippin’ with Razor


At Razor, we love a good adventure on the open road. The sights, the sounds, the snacks; it’s enough to make us pack our bags! And the season of sun still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Beach trips, lake days, mountain hikes, and all the miles in between; it’s time to answer the call of the ride! Yeah, you heard us right. The call of the ride, the unshakable need to get out there and explore the world. Your Razor is the ultimate must-pack essential when heading out for a weekend getaway with the fam. So whether you’re riding through uncharted territory or watching the world through the backseat window, we want to help make the most of your travels.

Introducing Road Trippin’ with Razor.

We’ll share some of our favorite road trip tips to get you geared up and ready for adventure.

So, you’ve got 2 hours to go and nothing to do.

Trust me; we’ve all been there. All the good snacks are gone, there’s no rest stop in sight, and counting billboards just isn’t cutting it. It’s time to bring in some backup. Don’t worry; we got this.

Get the whole car talking, from front seat to back, with a car ride game that’s a true classic.

B-I-N-G-O or our own personal favorite R-A-Z-O-R. This one is sure to keep the fun going for miles. And who doesn’t love getting their hands on some bragging rights?

Tired of staring out the window? No problem.

Let’s tap into that imagination of yours with a little storytelling game we like to call “So I was on my Razor when”. The rules: simple. The competition: fierce.

Here’s how to play:

Each passenger will begin their turn by telling a story that begins with “So I was on my Razor when”. The story that follows should be based on a movie plot, with small details changed so that the other passengers have to piece together what movie plot you are describing. Whichever fellow passenger can name that film first, get’s the point. The first passenger to reach 10 points wins. For example, stories like “I was riding my Razor when a T-rex escaped its enclosure and started terrorizing a bunch of scientists driving jeeps” or “I was riding my Razor when a cowboy, an astronaut, and a potato with a mustache asked me for directions to a pizza joint. I think they were looking for a guy named Andy,” will have your family racking their brain for the chance to snag some points.

Your destination is on the left.

Finally! Past welcome signs, over state lines, and through traffic, we made it! Time to make some memories. And what better way to stretch your legs and take in the scenery than hopping on your Razor! But the good times shouldn’t stop there. Make the fun and memories last by capturing the moment with a photo. Whether you’re posing with a state sign or standing side by side with an iconic landmark, make the adventure last and say cheese.

Our favorite way to snap a pic? Bring out your Pocket Razor! What’s a Pocket Razor? Glad you asked; think of it as the 2D companion to your real-life ride. While we know you’d love to sneak your ride into every family pic, it’s not always convenient. But with your Pocket Razor, quick pics are no problem. How can you make yours? Just choose your Razor outline, print, color, decorate and personalize to your heart’s desire, then tape your outline onto a popsicle stick and voila! Now you have an easy way to make memories with your Razor no matter where you roam. And an added bonus, you can even “ride” your Pocket Razor in the car. Just hold it up to the window and you’ll be doing stunts, jumping over cars and razing between traffic in no time thanks to your new mini friend and a little imagination.

Relax, Recharge, and Ride.

The three ‘R’s of any good getaway. But before you switch into total vacay mode, we want in on the fun. Share your snapshots with us on social @razorworldwide and tag us in all your adventures. Ok, now you can go ride off into the sunset. We’ll catch up with you later!



Stay tuned for more Razor fun coming your way!