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Razor® on the Road – SCIFEST 2018


Did you ever wonder how Hovertrax balances all by itself? Or how Turbo Jetts propel you all the way down the street without a single push – or an on/off switch? Thousands of attendees of last weekend’s #SCIFEST2018 found out these secrets, and more, with hands-on science activities hosted by Razor!


SCIFEST, you say? Yep – two full days of straight-up STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning and fun and Razor rocked the show, with three hands-on activities demonstrating the cutting-edge technologies that power some of our coolest products. Hundreds of thousands of science lovers from across the country met up in Washington D.C. this past weekend to participate in the USA Science & Engineering Festival, the nation’s largest celebration of STEM. With more than 30 stage shows, presenters including Steve Spangler, Mr. Freeze, and NASA astronauts and scientists, and 3,000 interactive activities including live animals, alien explorations, and, of course, Razor® rides, there was definitely something for everyone!

With no throttle or on/off switch, how do Razor’s Turbo Jetts get going? And how do they stop? Thousands of kids flocked to the Razor booth to explore the push-engage, motion-start technology behind one of our best-selling, boosted rides. An interactive display used a motorized roller to simulate the ground speed necessary to “jump start” the motor inside Turbo Jetts and demonstrated how the “brain” behind this awesome ride knows exactly when to kick on and boost your ride – and when to turn off.


And how exactly does the platform of our revolutionary Hovertrax stay flat, when it’s attached to two wheels that roll forward and back? Kids (and curious parents) at the show experienced this magical leveling process by placing one foot on the deck of the Hovertrax and feeling its self-balancing sensor in action for themselves. The secret behind the magic? Two “gyro chips”, one in each wheel, that talk to each other and send commands to the motors to maintain perfect balance, coordinate acceleration, maintain equal speed, and coordinate deceleration.


Nothing sparks STEM learning like Razor! Attendees of this weekend’s show found out what makes Razor Sparks, well, spark! Using an abrasive drum to simulate rough concrete or asphalt, kids of all ages activated the sparking motion that occurs when the metal on the back of a Razor Spark moves across rough ground. A drive roller simulated the RPMs (revolutions per minute) a real rider might achieve while skating and showed how this kid-powered energy fuels a self-contained generator inside the wheel, providing the electricity that makes the Spark’s LED lights shine bright.

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With pavilions covering everything from energy, engineering, and earth sciences to space exploration, sustainability, health and medicine, and more, the USA Science Festival is a must-see for science lovers of all ages. High schoolers can attend seminars highlighting STEM careers, little kids can get hands-on with activities constructed specifically for them, and everyone can dig into thousands of exhibits, demonstrations, presentations, and experiments designed to introduce the wonders of science. For more information on the USA Science & Engineering Festival, check out this awesome video.