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How to Replace Your Razor Scooter Wheels in 3 Easy Steps


How to Replace Razor Scooter Wheels in 3 Easy Steps

Are your scooter wheels worn out from hitting the pavement too hard?

It happens to the best of us. You’re out soaking up the sun, riding your Razor scooter without a care in the world and you notice scuffed wheels or flat spots that weren’t there before. Your smooth cruiser is now a rough rider — bummer.

After so many 360s, powerslides and hard grinds, even the most durable wheels will suffer from a little wear and tear.

But there’s an easy fix. Grab a pair of allen wrenches from your family’s toolbox (or your last Ikea project!), then follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Loosen the Old Wheel

    Insert an allen wrench into each screw on both sides of the old wheel, crank the allen wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the screws and pull out the axle.

  2. Replace with New Wheel

    Slide out your old, worn out wheel. Then slide your shiny new Razor wheel into the front fork. Finally, insert the axle you pulled out during step 1, making sure that the spacer is centered. BTW genuine Razor wheels come with bearings so no need to worry about re-alignment!

  3. Tighten the New Wheel

    With your new wheel in place, tighten the screws on your new wheel using the allen wrenches. Boom, you’re back on your Razor scooter. Donezo.

Say hello to a new set of rad Razor scooter wheels and goodbye to bumpy rides.

How to loosen a Razor scooter wheel using an allen wrench

What’s My Razor Scooter’s Wheel Size?

Standard Razor scooter wheels are 98mm and fit our A series and A2 Razor scooters. Here’s a short list of other Razor scooter wheel sizes:

  • A3: 125mm
  • A5 Lux: 200mm
  • Cruiser: 140mm
  • Ultra Pro and most Razor pro scooters: 100mm

All genuine Razor wheels come with bearings installed. Be sure to refer to your Razor Owner’s Manual for your specific Razor ride to determine the size of your original wheels before buying replacements.

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Helpful Tips From the Owner’s Manual

Under normal circumstances and conditions, Razor wheels and wheel bearings are maintenance free. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the owner or guardian to periodically inspect the wheels for wear and tear, the axle for proper tightness, and bearings for side-to-side play, and loose parts. When a wheel or wheel bearing develops play, this is an indication of excess wear and replacement is necessary. Replace immediately with only genuine Razor wheels. Worn wheels/bearings are considered normal wear-and-tear and are not covered by the Razor Warranty. Wheels other than genuine Razor wheels may not be compatible with your Razor scooter. The use of anything other than genuine Razor replacement parts may affect your safety and will void your warranty.

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