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Global Leader Launches Razor Share


“People are very ready for a new kind of mobility.”

—  Razor USA President Carlton Calvin, October 14, 2015, Washington Post


We know wheels.

Razor has been on the forefront of mobility innovation since 2000 when we reimagined the kick scooter that became a global phenomenon for every age. We then launched our first electric scooter in 2003, and ever since, we have continued to innovate with new mobility products for all ages.

Our products are designed by experts who are always harnessing technological advances into new products to inspire people to get outside and keep the car at home. We have sold 34 million scooters,  including 13 million e-scooters.

We have been excited to see the momentum for e-mobility options build and have had our experts design our new Razor Share scooter specifically for shorter commutes and to easily move around town for a superior ride, while still providing the fun you expect with Razor.

Our new Razor Share has been custom designed from the ground up to provide more comfort, safety, and fun for our adult riders while withstanding the wear and tear of heavy daily use. Our scooters have UL-compliant batteries, cushy front air tires, a wide deck big enough for two feet side-by-side, and a rigid steel frame designed to best handle a shared service.

We care and are investing in each community Razor Share launches. We are hiring local employees to work with the cities as parking monitors and also to maintain and service our scooters each night to best maximize safety and performance.

We are launching today in Long Beach and plan on launching in multiple cities across the country by the end of 2018.

Razor never settles. We are continuing to innovate to bring our expertise, creativity, and quality  to the Razor Share e-scooter and other new mobility products that will help make moving around communities even easier and more accessible.

Expect even more innovations…coming soon.

Download Razor Share app here. For updates, follow us on Twitter @RazorShare and Instagram @RazorShare.