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Love the RipStik? Thinking About Going Electric?


Watch the RipStik Electric

Feel the Awesome Power of RipStik Electric!

Power up the twisting carving fun of RipStik caster boards with Razor’s new RipStik Electric. RipStik Electric features a powerful but lightweight lithium ion battery, in-wheel Power Core hub motor and a wireless digital hand controller. Detach the wireless remote, step on board, and feel the Power Core hub motor amp up your ride!

The RipStik Electric is a light and agile electric ride-on. Razor’s Power Core Hub Motor Technology is the in-wheel technology that powers the RipStik Electric. Feel the rush of surfing or snowboarding on dry land, this time with electric power!

RipStik Electric In-wheel Hub Motor


Amp Up Your Ride with Power Core Hub Motor Technology

Power Core is Razor’s breakthrough hub motor technology that integrates the electric motor directly into the rear wheel hub, which eliminates the need for a chain. More efficient and maintenance-free, the innovative Power Core hub motor gives the RipStik Electric up to 40 minutes of ride time and speeds up to 10 mph! RipStik Electric’s innovative design delivers a long list of awesome features:

Light and Strong

  • Light weight — only 15.3 lbs
  • Portable: convenient carry handle
  • Construction: Fiber-reinforce polymer
  • Lithium ion battery-powered

It’s Electric – Speeds up to 10 mph

  • Wireless digital remote controller
  • Up to 40 minutes continuous ride time

Power Core™ Technology

  • No Maintenance, In-wheel Motor
  • No alignment required
  • No chain, no chain tensioner

Razor RipStik Electric - Electric Evolved

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