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Born to Drift?


3 reasons you might be born to drift

Do you crave speed?
Powersliding around corners?
White-knuckled 360 degree spins?

If you answered yes to any of these, you were born to drift. You, my friend, are a unique breed of rider that knows there’s nothing else like drifting.

You can feel it right now—your wheels gripping the pavement, hands clenched, heart racing. As the adrenaline kicks in, you reach down, rip that Razor Drift Bar and break free. Dust clouds, tires squealing, bugs in your teeth, this is your natural environment.

The only thing separating you from professional rally driver Ken Block—or our personal buddy Ken Box—is a corporate sponsor with a fat wad of cash, but that won’t stop you from breaking free on a Razor drift ride. Can you smell the burning rubber? Yeah you can.

It’s time to stop reading and vote for your favorite Razor drift ride:

Crazy Cart

Crazy Cart

Drift fans celebrate, the Razor Crazy Cart is the ultimate Razor drift ride. A global drifting sensation, this electric powered beast is lighting up the drift community.

Strap in the Crazy Cart and speed away in go-cart mode, then drop into Crazy Cart mode by pulling the Razor Drift Bar. Feel the g-force tugging as you powerslide corners, drift an obstacle course or spin endless 360’s. The Crazy Cart is a true Razor drifter.


PowerRider 360

Daddy’s big wheel has nothing on the PowerRider360. Who needs pedals when you can blast off with the push of a button. With an electric power punch and dual inclined caster wheels, this drifter’s dream let’s you drop a full-speed 360° and keep on crushing.

Feel the charge when you hit the throttle on this three-wheeler. You’ll turn that empty parking lot into a drift course.



Straight lines are overrated. Carve up the pavement with some tight turns or kick out your deck and lay some massive drifting turns. The rear caster wheel rotates a full 360°, letting you go from zero to hero in 3.5 heartbeats.

Get your drift feel, perfect your technique and pull off some monster Rift drifts.

Razor drift rides let you feel the thrill of drifting – without having to buy new tires every week. So grab that Razor Drift Bar and let loose.

Which one did you vote for?

Leave a comment below and let us know which Razor drift ride is the one for you.