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5 Reasons Electric Scooters Have Taken the World by Storm


It’s not your imagination; electric scooters have popped up everywhere. They’re fast, fun, and pretty much for everyone. They’re now in most major cities and the popularity is only increasing. Even Ford is getting in on the scooter action, knowing the interest and booming pro scooter business market is here to stay. As a result, the intrigue and sale of individual electric scooters are on the rise due to their convenience and reliability. There are numerous reasons why electric scooters have infiltrated neighborhoods across the country, but we’ve narrowed it down to five.

Electric Scooters Are Cost-Friendly

The cost of an electric scooter ranges from approximately $100-$400 depending on the model and features you choose. Compared to a car payment, bicycle cost, or even taking public transit on a regular basis, the value of buying an electric scooter leads the way in terms of cost savings. There is little to no maintenance. To keep it running, give it a good battery charging session and it’ll be ready to go. For safety, a helmet is usually the only additional cost.

Choosing an electric scooter as your main mode of transportation eliminates the high cost of gas, oil changes, repairs, and other miscellaneous costs that come with owning a car or other motor vehicle. For urban dwellers who travel a few blocks and downtown streets for work or entertainment, investing in an electric scooter seems like the obvious choice. They’re slim enough to easily stow away and trendy enough to fit into an on-the-go lifestyle. Check out our related article for more information on the cost of an electric scooter.

Electric Scooters Are Convenient

You can pack up a scooter and take it anywhere. Whether you’re cruising around town or taking it with you on a trip to somewhere new, it’s compact enough to be an alternative mode of transportation at home or away. Since they are becoming increasingly accessible, people can try before they buy. It costs just a few dollars to get a firsthand rider experience. Plus, scooter riders can now reserve a scooter through the Razor Share. When they realize the convenience scooters provide and how easy it is to take trips and get around, it’s not surprising that more people want to fit owning one into their budget.

There’s a lot to be said about the convenience of having something so slim and speedy available to you at all times. It makes getting to and from places a whole lot easier. Whether it’s a child headed to a friend’s house in the neighborhood or a college student who needs to quickly get around campus—there’s a scooter style to match.

Electric Scooters Are Fun

Cost and convenience are important if you’re considering purchasing one for yourself, but don’t forget the importance of the fun experience too! Scooters have a “cool” factor; they make grown-ups feel like kids again, and they make kids feel like they’re part of the “in” crowd. It’s a win-win for anyone old enough to steer an electric scooter to get around the streets and sidewalks of any city. Most can go up to the speed of 15 mph, which is fast enough to be fun and slow enough to be safe within any speed limit. Who knew a kid’s toy could turn out to be such fun for adults? We’re pretty sure whoever sees you zoom by on a scooter feels a little pang of jealousy as they wait in their cars or get left in the dust. Kids and adults alike wish they were riding a scooter, too.

Electric Scooters Are Better for the Environment

Based on a Yale survey map, 70% of Americans care more about the environment and the carbon footprint they’re leaving than the economy. This demographic of people want alternative transportation options, in addition to other eco-friendly choices. Electric scooters fit the bill for anyone who wants to get around quickly without a high cost or harm to the environment.

The cost of fueling an electric scooter is a little more than one percent of the cost of fueling an energy-efficient car that delivers 28 miles per gallon. Besides that, traveling by electric scooter is far more enticing than being stuck in traffic on city streets and public roads with the windows rolled up. It’s good for the environment, but also good for the soul.

Electric Scooters Are No Muss, No Fuss

Who wants to worry about car maintenance, insurance, or regular oil changes? With a scooter, all you have to remember is to give it the charge it needs before you ride. There’s no maintenance to factor in or parts to pay for later down the road. They’re built to be durable and long-lasting. Parents who want to buy one for their kids realize what a great gift it is because it has the fun factor, while also being cost-efficient and convenient.

It wasn’t that long ago that electric scooters appeared on the scene, and they’ve become a mainstay among the masses. The more people use them, the more convinced they are that it’s one of the best innovations to have come around in a long time. They are not only intended for all age ranges and areas but are also entertaining and practical. It’s evident that everyone loves an electric scooter. Want to continue your research? Learn more about the top benefits of a scooter vs. bike!