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Top Benefits of a Scooter Vs. Bike


Bikes had their time to shine when people decided to become more eco-friendly and use them for commuting. For many coastal cities, biking is a way of life and the vehicle of choice compared to an automobile. Now, that same enthusiasm has carried over to scooters. On some level, you can look to pro scooters as the smaller sibling to the bike. They both have two wheels, are sleek and fun to ride, and almost anyone of any age can steer one. However, there are some key differentiating factors if you’re trying to decide between the two.

Scooters Are More Environmentally-Friendly Than Bikes

Scooters and bikes alike are environmentally-friendly. If you’re entertaining either of these options for transportation – go you! Bicycles are still a great option if you want to be more eco-conscious. However, scooters trump bikes in energy savings. According to a recent study, electric scooters are more efficient than bicycles or eco-friendly cars based on the energy required to run them, but a kick scooter is manually operated. It’s you and the scooter both that determine the speed.

Scooters Are Easier on the Budget

The bike used to be the answer for those who couldn’t afford a car, but now, the scooter is the answer for anyone who is unsure of investing in a bike. The average bike costs around $500, according to a 2018 report from the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, while the average scooter costs closer to $300. Even more affordable, the most basic type of kick scooter hovers right around $100, which is doable by most budget standards. Also, there’s usually more maintenance when it comes to a bike—from tires to riding gear to regular maintenance. With a scooter, just strap on a helmet and go! Check out this article for a full breakdown of electric scooter cost ranges.

Scooters Have Better Comfort and Convenience

When shopping for a bike, you have to make sure you get a seat that’s comfortable and adjustable to your height, otherwise, you may suffer back and neck pain from slumped posture. There’s also the height and grip of the handlebars to consider and the gear shifts. Are they easy to use and change? Is it the right kind of bike for both recreational trails and the commute to work? Many bicycle enthusiasts have more than one bike, which can really add up cost-wise. Do you have the space to store a bike when it’s not in use?

With a scooter, it’s a one-size-fits-all situation. The same scooter you take to work can be used to get out for some exercise in your neighborhood. Be sure and know your local laws before you ride.  For starters, you stand on the scooter, so your posture is likely upright rather than hunched over. There’s also an easy-to-use handlebar with everything you need to start, speed up, and stop. Plus, it’s much easier to store a scooter than a bike for your commute. Many new models allow you to fold them for easy storage when not in use.

Scooters Withstand the Test of Time

The bike you had when you were a kid isn’t likely the same bike you had as a teen and definitely, not the same one you have as an adult. Features go out of style, and as you get older, you need more bang for your buck. With scooters, you can have the same style in high school, college, and beyond if you choose the right model. This is because scooters aren’t meant to be over-the-top fancy—at least most aren’t.

You don’t have to trade in your old, beloved scooter for a new model in a couple of years, because it will be ready for you to ride and fit right in with the rest of the scooters gliding down the street. In short, when properly cared for, scooters have more lifetime longevity than bikes.

the rise of the electric scooter

Scooters Are Cooler

Yep, you heard it here first! You have to admit that there’s a certain carefree feeling you have when riding a scooter or even watching someone pass by on one. With the wind in your hair, cruising down the road, what’s not to love about the feeling of being on a scooter? Plus, they’re the trend right now. People can’t get enough of scooters, regardless of if they are kick scooters or electric-powered. When riding where permitted, it’s easier and more efficient (if you choose a scooter with an electric motor) to get places without having to worry about parking, sitting in traffic, or waiting for a shared ride.

When you compare the two, the benefits of a scooter override (pun intended) that of a bike. They’re more cost-friendly, eco-friendly, more comfortable, and achieve a greater coolness factor. If any of those things matter to you, then a commuter scooter is a perfect choice. It’s a fad that’s not fading anytime soon. If anything, they’re only becoming more popular by the minute. It’s not bye-bye forever to bikes, but there’s a new set of wheels in town. Are you ready to get (kick) started?