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Unit shut off while in use.

Try the following:

  • Remove battery/motor cover & check fuse located next to battery.
  • If fuse is burnt out, replace fuse
  • After replacing fuse, correct riding conditions (refer to pg 8 in owner’s manual)

Lights on throttle do NOT light up. Motor will not engage.

Try the following:

  • Remove battery/motor cover to check for loose connection(s).
  • If connections are loose, reconnect them.

Lights on throttle light up.

Try the following:

  • Turn power off & manually turn gear on motor shaft with your fingers.
  • If gear does not turn freely, replace motor.

If that is not the problem, try the following:

  • Check tension; position & the condition of the chain
  • If chain is too loose, adjust the chain (Refer to pg 9 in Owner’s Manual)
  • If chain slipped off rear sprocket, check chain for possible damage and replace chain if necessary (Refer to pg 6 & 7 in Owner’s Manual
  • If chain is jammed in chain tensioner, remove chain from chain tensioner; check chain & chain tensioner for damage and replace if necessary. Place chain back on rear sprocket. (Refer to pg 6 & 7 in Owner’s Manual)