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Razor USA often talks to inventors and we are anxious to see new ideas. Unless your idea is fully patent protected already, we require you to sign our non-disclosure form/submission agreement (link below).



We are presented many ideas. To avoid wasting everyone’s time, the following is a general list of ideas we have already seen and considered. If your product is in a completely different category than these, then we would like to see it. But if it falls into one of these areas (we have seen many variations on every one of these ideas), we are not interested at this time.

• Add-on decks for Scooters, wood deck scooters (we have two models already)
• Wheelie bars for scooters. BMX handlebars for scooters.
• Steering dampers/stabilizers for bikes/scooters
• Wheelbase extenders for scooters, bikes, etc.
• Add-on motors (gasoline or electric), electric broomsticks (powered pushers).
• Add-on flywheels for scooters or bikes
• Pedal cars, go-carts, powered replica cars
• Kick-n-go type scooters, pedal scooters (there are scores of these designs out there, but none have been/are commercially viable.)
• Light kits/reflector kits or any other type of illumination product.
• Snow ski or ice skate attachments for scooters (many variations of this exist so don’t bother).
• Kickstands or scooter stands (we’ve seen many nice ideas but our buyers aren’t interested in this item, regardless).
• Carry-bags and attach-to-scooter bags. BACKPACK scooter combos (seen dozens).
• Grind plates, for scooters or skateboards, cross-bar pads (already use on our MX line).
• 3-wheel scooters, 4-wheel scooters.
• Folding skateboards, compact skateboards, pogo skateboards.
• Skateboards of any type.
• Chopper fork extensions for scooter.
• Scooters that steer at both ends or have swivel-type steering or casters.
• Scooters with seats: pedestal-mounted, Ricaro-style bucket seats or lawn chairs attached to scooters
• Street luges (long, high-speed skateboards)
• Human Transporters (Segway-type devices and variants)
• Electric-powered skateboards (3 and 4 wheels variations)
• Ripstik variations like Xliders, caster-scooters, outriggers (essentially training wheels)
DO NOT send designs that contain potential safety hazards. Refer to ASTM document F963
“Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety.”

Although I try, I sometimes do not have the time to respond to every submission. If we like your idea we will contact you. If we decide not to go forward, it just means your idea may not fit the Razor line or long-term product strategy.

Bob Hadley
Product Development Manager
Razor USA

Email: [email protected]