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The retro-styled Rambler 20 e-bike joins Razor’s wildly popular Rambler 16 and Rambler 12 as the largest and most powerful addition to this breakout collection

May 2, 2023 – Razor USA, the leading innovator of scooters and wheeled goods, announces the introduction of their all-new Rambler 20 electric bicycle, an adult-sized lithium-ion powered e-bike that gives riders complete control of the balance between electric power and pedal assist. Stylish, practical, and affordable, this powerful new ride joins Razor’s diverse lineup of electric vehicles designed specifically for adults. The Rambler 20 pairs a retro-inspired mint and chocolate-colored frame with oversized balloon tires and a padded bench seat, to deliver a comfortable commute around town, across campus, or along the coast.

Ian Desberg, Razor’s Vice President of Design and Development, commented, “Rambler 20 is a thrilling extension of our product portfolio. It follows the successful introductions of the smaller Rambler 12 and Rambler 16 for kids and teens. The addition of the new adult model reflects Razor’s desire to get the whole family moving and playing together. But we’ve not only made the Rambler 20 larger, we’ve also given adults the option to pedal, engage an electric pedal assist, or to rely completely on the electric motor. This is a smart, versatile, long-range electric bike that keeps maintenance to a minimum while being a blast to ride.”

Rambler 20 is a retro-style, class 2 electric bike designed with a high-quality steel frame and 20” (508 mm) x 4” (101.6 mm) pneumatic balloon tires that make cruising over rough terrain a breeze. The low-maintenance 500-watt hub motor generates speeds of up to 19.9 mph (32 km/h) and offers five levels of electric pedal assist in addition to a full electric power mode.  The Rambler 20’s rechargeable 37-volt lithium-ion battery pack lets you cruise distances up to 16.6 miles (26.7 km) without pedaling. It also features hand-operated front and rear disc brakes for superior braking, LED headlight and taillight which increase rider visibility, and a dashboard display that shows speed, battery life, and power level.

The Rambler 20 is part of Razor’s incredible lineup of adult electric rides which includes the recently launched EcoSmart Cargo and Icon scooters, as well as Crazy Cart XL and Dirt Quad 500. Razor offers these high-performance products to the mass market at affordable price points meaning adults can play just like the kids. The complete Razor collection includes classic kick scooters, electric scooters, hoverboards, go-karts, minibikes and more, bringing the fun of outdoor play to people of all ages.