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Become a Razor
Campus Ambassador!

Razor USA is on a mission to bring effortless commuting to college students across the country – and we need your help!

The Razor we all know and love came onto the forefront of mobility innovation back in the early 2000s. Since then, we grew up with Razor kick scooters, lived life, and made it to college all while Razor became the world’s leading producer of scooters. Now, Razor is changing how college students get to class one campus at a time.

Who are Razor Campus Ambassadors?

  • Trailblazers. Razor Campus Ambassadors are college influencers making impactful impressions on behalf of the Razor brand. Razor USA introduced the world to scooters, now we need college students to introduce scooters to their campus. Yup, our Campus Ambassadors are proven leaders committed to trailblazing a cause on campus: easy scooting to and from class. Campus-involved ambassadors are preferred.
  • Industrious and Creative. No two college campuses are the same, so we encourage Campus Ambassadors to use their creative juices when spreading the word on Razor products. This kind of responsibility is not handed out to anyone, which is why Campus Ambassadors are dependable and know the value of communication.
  • Mini campus experts. You don’t need to be a social butterfly to know your school. Our Campus Ambassadors do know how to navigate the campus and understand its dynamics. We know you get it when it comes to your school, making Campus Ambassadors our go-to person with insight on their campus.

What are Razor Campus Ambassadors up to?

  • Taking the reins. You know your campus best, so we trust you with sharing your Razor story in a unique way. Campus Ambassadors will learn about product marketing and gain social media marketing skills for a major global brand focused on getting a smooth scooting ride to the next destination.
  • Besides getting Razor scooters and swag? Well, Campus Ambassadors are the point person on the ground for Razor USA. Ultimately it means activating your influence on social media with branding campaigns. We have ideas to share on some ways to jump off your own campaign – but we’re also excited to hear your ideas!
  • Guiding the campus to demos. Campus pop-ups are the perfect chance to meet the Razor team and show us what you can do. Campus Ambassadors get creative when alerting friends to get their networks out to pop-ups. Using your social media stardom, getting as many people as possible to demo Razor products on campus is the ideal intro to the Razor team.

Can you lead the college riding revolution on your campus?

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