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Founded in 2000, Razor is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric scooters. For nearly two decades, our brand has become synonymous with scooters and can be found in millions of garages around the country. Razor has proudly built a brand centered around innovation, safety, and quality.  Our products can be found at key retailers across the US and globally.  Razor has maintained a robust design, maintenance, and customer service infrastructure that has successfully served millions of customers.

As a privately-owned company with no outside venture capital funding, Razor is committed to growing our shared scooter business responsibly, and as a reliable partner to government and community stakeholders. This means being responsive to feedback, forthcoming with data analytics, and compliant with local regulations. We are committed to remaining flexible in our operational approach, and to collaborating with local communities on constantly improving our service model.

A Great Ride

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Our Local Team

Razor will hire locally rather than freelancers to collect and maintain our scooters every evening. We will also have local employees as active parking monitors to help ensure scooters are being parked properly.


Nightly Maintenance

Our local team clears the scooters for trained maintenance experts to inspect and charge scooters for peak performance and safety


Rider Education & Geofencing

We work with cities to best geofence scooters to the areas permitted and provide rider education


Shared analytics

We all want less congested roads. We will share data and analytics to cities to help plan sustainable and less congested communities


Community Outreach

We want to hear from you. We offer information and online toolkit for community organizations on Razor Micromobility. View our FAQs here.


First Wheels

A part of Razor’s DNA is creating ways for youth and adults to be active together by leaving the screens at home. Razor’s First Wheels Program provides Razor kick scooters to youth who do not have access to a scooter. Every city Razor Micromobility launches in, First Wheels Program provides kick scooters to the local charities for children in need as a part of our commitment to investing in the community at every age.

A Great Ride

If you are a city official and would like to partner with Razor please contact us at [email protected]

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