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  • Scooter makes grinding noise when in use
  • Try the following:

    • Check that the brake is not rubbing against the rear wheel. If the brakes are rubbing, adjust the brakes (refer to pg 4 in Owner’s Manual)
    • Inspect chain, if chain tension is too tight, adjust chain (Refer to pg. 6 in Owner’s Manual)
    • If dirt & debris are found in the chain and/or chain is dry, remove any dirt/debris from chain and lubricate with WD-40®
  • Scooter runs but rear wheel barely moves
  • Try the following:

    • Lift rear end up & manually spin rear wheel forward. Should spin 3-4 times with no resistance. (E150 Model Only)
    • If wheel does not spin freely, replace the rear wheel.
    • Turn power off & manually turn gear on motor shaft with your fingers. If the gear on the motor shaft is tight and does not turn easily, replace motor.
  • Chain does not rotate freely
  • Try the following:

    • Turn power switch off; remove chain from rear wheel; turn power on & apply throttle.
    • If it still makes a grinding noise, replace motor.
    • If there is NO grinding noise, replace rear wheel.