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Adjusting the Jetts

WARNING: Failure to properly adjust the Jetts may cause the user to lose control and fall.

See steps to Adjust the straps and frame for Razor Jetts – view the Owner’s Manual for illustrated diagrams here.

1 To make strap longer: Follow direction of the arrows to adjust. Pull the inner strap first (A), then the outer strap (B).

2 To make strap shorter: Follow direction of the arrows to adjust. Pull the outer strap first (A), then the inner strap (B).

3 Press the button and pull the frame to its maximum width.

4 Follow the direction of the arrow to insert foot.

5 Place foot in heel wheel and push the frame from both sides until it clicks into place snuggly fitting width of shoe. Note: Adjustment must be done while wearing recommended appropriate footwear.

6 Follow direction of the arrow to tighten strap. Shoes must be snuggly attached to the heel wheels before using.

7 Pull tab down to secure the strap. Align and press together hook and pile sides of the strap. Make sure it is completely secure.

8 Make certain tab is on outside of shoe.