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Xscape the Classroom


You know when you’re staring at the clock on the wall waiting for the class bell to ring, and each minute seems to last for a billion zillion years? Yeah, we know the feeling. Whether you’re spending the weekdays grinding out fractions behind a desk or you’re rocking the kitchen table classroom this school year, there’s one thing we all have in common. We all can’t wait to hang up our thinking caps and put a little space back between the words home and school. That’s where we come in.

At Razor, we believe in a little thing called fun.

And we recommend several servings a day. It’s the perfect cure-all when you’re feeling zoned out and worn down. Not to mention there’s this thing called fresh air, that’s pretty cool (it’s worth the hype we promise). So, your friends at Razor put their heads together and came up with the perfect way to get you out from beneath that pile of homework and back on the deck of your favorite ride. Welcome to Razor Xscape.

Razor Xscape, what’s that?

It’s what it sounds like, an ‘X’scape from the daily grind, a chance to hit the reset button and get a little bit of that fresh air we mentioned earlier. Razor Xscape is designed to get you and your Razor back on the concrete. And you can join in any time. Got an hour to kill for lunch? Why not check-in and see what fun we’re cooking up. Crushed your homework with plenty of daylight to spare? You know what to do. Get out there, and get those wheels turning!

So, you in?

Trust us; there’s nothing like stretching your legs and getting that heart rate up to help you recharge. And between activities like the speed scavenger hunt and digital challenges where you can compete with friends, Razor Xscape will have you waving goodbye to boredom and hello to your new favorite way to play. Sound good? Then let’s dive in with Razor Xscape #1: Riddle Relay.

How can I play?

You’ll need a little help from Mom or Dad on this one. Have them hide riddles #2- #5 outside. No sneaking a peek out the window so you can see what they are up to! When all the riddles have been hidden, get ready to start the clock! The game begins when you read riddle #1. Remember to think outside of the box as you race against the clock. You can even compare your times to friends to see who is the fastest clue solver among you. You can mix it up and add extra challenges in between, create teams, don’t be afraid to make this your own!

We hope you’ve had a little fun today. We promise there’s more where that came from. So, keep one eye on your homework and one eye right here. We’ll be back with plenty of challenges before you know it. Catch ya later!


P.S. Can’t wait to have more fun? We get it. We’re excited too. Follow us on social @razorworldwide to get the play by play on all things Razor!