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Winter Fitness Tips


5 Fun Ways to Sneak Some Exercise into Your Next Snow Day


Sure, it’s cold out. In some places, it’s really, really cold. When winter weather kicks in, it’s oh-so tempting to climb back into bed and snuggle up with a good book or binge an entire season of your new fave on Netflix while the kids zone out on their iPads. And, yes, there’s a time and place for cozy. But your body still craves exercise and, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, kids ages 6 and up need at least an hour a day of moderate to rigorous physical activity, even in winter, so we’re sharing five of our favorite, family-friendly, cold-weather workouts, including:

  1. Navigating an Obstacle Course!

Setting up the course is half the fun – clear the living room, then let the kids help you make balance beam lines with painter’s tape, place a hula hoop for hopping in and out of, set up stuffed animals to jump over – get creative! Take a walk through your course to make sure everyone understands each element, then grab your phone and time your racers – challenge yourself to shave seconds off your times with each round.


  1. Playing Hot Lava!

If you got a brand-new couch for Christmas you may want to skip this classic, but if you’re like the rest of us, read on! Set a series of safe spots on your floor with washcloths or hand towels (on carpet) or painter’s tape squares (on slippery surfaces). Then toss the cushions from your couch down as stepping stones. Everyone up on the couch because the FLOOR IS HOT LAVA! Move across the couch or down onto the safe spots, using the stepping stones to get there, without being tagged by any other players. The last player standing is the Volcanic Victor!


  1. Hosting a Dance Party!

Turn on your favorite tunes and dance! Take turns being in charge of the phone and hitting pause for a silly game of freeze dance or check out YouTube for some awesome tutorials and learn how to twist, tango, moonwalk, or even whip and nae nae.


  1. Breaking a Family Record!

Turn your workout into a contest and watch your kids clamor for first place! See who can stand on tippy toe or stay in plank the longest, do the most sit ups, push-ups, or squats, stretch up tallest or squash into the tightest ball. Get silly with it! Record the results in a notebook and give your kids frequent chances to beat their own scores or take the title from a sibling.


  1. Braving the Winter Weather!

Take advantage of any breaks in the winter weather to get out for a walk, jog, skate, or scooter ride (just make sure the sidewalks are not icy). Breathe in that crisp, cold air, and get your heart pumping! Then head home and enjoy some hot cocoa together – you’ve earned it!

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself – and your kids – moving in the winter weather. Get creative – we believe in you!