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Watch Dad Rip it Up on a RAZOR RIDE!


Get ready. You might have to share your Razor rides with dad — or get him his own!

What’s the Perfect Razor Ride for Dad?

We all know dad can’t wait to unleash his thrill-seeking and fun-loving side on one of these awesome Razor rides: 

  • Razor DeltaWing: Watch him take off in the self-propelled DeltaWing and leave all his worries behind.
  • Razor E300 Electric Scooter: If dad has a need for power and speed, he will love the E300 electric scooter.
  • Razor California Longboard: For those chill dads, when he wants to enjoy a leisurely sunset cruise, Cali-style on a California Longboard kick scooter.
  • Razor Crazy Cart XL: Just try to wipe the smile off dad’s face after a spin on the adult-sized Crazy Cart XL (now he’ll leave your Crazy Cart alone… maybe).

There are many more Razor rides to explore.  Make Father’s Day unforgettable this year with a Razor gift that will provide epic times for you AND dad – shredding side by side.
Bonus! Check out these Crazy Cart-ing dads: