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Camp Razor: Tricks 101


What’s up Razor dudes and dudettes? Your favorite camp counselor, Scoot man here, back to kick off another rad week at Camp Razor. Today, we’re getting back to basics with Tricks 101 taught by yours truly. I’ll run you through some of my go-to classics for a step by step guide to shreddage. So, grab your Razor and get ready, class is in session.

This week, we’re making it easy on you. You don’t have to be skate park pro to perfect these introductory tricks…even the raddest rider starts simple and works their way up. All you need is your Razor of choice and your safety gear. Any of our classic Kick Scooters makes for an excellent choice. You can even try out some of these tricks on one of our Ripstiks or Skateboards. As always, safety is number one. Make sure you always have a pal or parent with you and only ride on safe surfaces, where you can be easily seen from all directions. Got it? Then let’s get to it!

Terminology you need to know:

Deck: the long flat part of your Razor that you stand on

T-bar: the handlebars and the long bar that connects them to the deck

Start position: both hands are on the handlebars, one foot on the deck, one foot on the ground

Push off: kicking forward from starting position to begin riding

Back tail: the back of your deck above the rear wheel


Let’s get to grinding out some tricks:

The Crouching Razor:

Kick Scooter: Alright scooter dudes, for our first trick, you’ll need to assume the start position. Once you’re ready to shred, give a big push off, and begin riding.  After you’ve gained a comfortable speed, bend your knees while keeping your hands on the handlebar, crouch down behind the T-bar, and ride until speed decreases and return to standing.

RipStik/Skateboard: Wanna kick it on a RipStik? The set-up is about the same, start off with one foot on the deck, push off with your other foot, and once you start moving plant both feet on the deck.  As you pick up speed, bend your knees and crouch down. The big difference is no T-bar so, put your arms out to the side to help keep your balance. Carve side to side to keep up the momentum and you don’t ever have to put a foot down.


The Super Scoot:

Kick Scooter: Here’s one that’s sure to grab some attention. Once in the starting position, take off with a big push. This one is all about balance, so take your time. When ready, take one foot off the deck and extend your leg straight back, leaning slightly forward towards the T-bar. Once you feel balanced, take one hand off the handlebar, and extend your arm straight forward, over the T-bar, and there you have it! You’re flying through the air as Super Scoot!


The Bunnyhop:

Kick Scooter: Looking to put a little air between your Razor and the ground? The Bunnyhop is a great place to start. Begin in the start position near the curb of a driveway or sidewalk to complete a small downward jump. Nothing too crazy, just a few inches of height. Push off and gain a comfortable speed. When ready to make the jump downward, bend your knees as you lift you up slightly on the handlebars and jump down off the curb with both feet on the deck. Pretty sweet right? Be careful to only jump off small curbs and as always, only ride where safe.


A Manual:

Kick Scooter: And now for my personal favorite trick, begin in the starting position with your back foot on the back tail. Be sure to pick a riding location that has lots of distance for you to gain speed and without any rocks or debris to wreck your wheels. Once you push off and gain a comfortable speed, pull up on the handlebars to angle the deck as you shift your weight to your back foot. It may take a few tries to find your balance on this one but, it’s worth the practice!

RipStik/Skateboard: For a RipStik or skateboard, the trick is pretty much the same minus your handlebars, so good balance is key. Make sure your feet are positioned near each wheel. Bend your knees and transfer your weight towards your back foot. The back tail might scrape the ground while you find your balance, but that’s normal. Keep at it, and you’ll have yourself a pretty sick trick!

So, those are the basics my friends, what do you think? Ready to get out there and grind? Nail these tricks and you’ll soon be able to build off them and work towards becoming a true Razor master like myself. Thanks for stopping by for another awesome week at Camp Razor. Check back next week for more rad shreddage. Don’t forget to keep tagging us in all your summer shenanigans with #CampRazor @razorworldwide, and as always, the Scoot is here to answer all your scootering questions, so give me a shout and send an email. Later, Razors!