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THE PROS KNOW: Phase Two Pro Scooters are THE Pro Ride


TEAM RAZOR Wants YOU! Check out this ride…

Wanna ride like a pro? Then you have to experience a Phase Two Complete, available in limited quantities at Designed to spec by official Team Razor Pro Riders — John Radtke and Jason Beggs — these competition-ready rides have all the style and durability needed to rock insane tricks on pavement, dirt, rocks, ruts, ramps, rails – wherever you can go on two wheels (and even some places you thought you couldn’t).

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Watch Team Razor’s Michael Pytel, Trevor Navarre and Amir Lavelle compete in a game of S.C.O.O.T.

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Check out Team Razor Pro Rider Tanner Markley hitting a rhythm section at the Denver Skatepark in Colorado:

Tanner Markley hitting a rhythm section at the Denver skatepark in Colorado.

Posted by Team Razor on Friday, May 1, 2015

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