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Are you ready for something extreme Razor fans?

Something legendary is in store just for you, and it’s Razor’s brand new YouTube channel! It’s time to subscribe to some rad tail whips, hilarious pranks, and next-level Razor tricks.

Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for epic videos.

We know you want to stay in the know with all things Razor, that’s why this channel was made just for you. Once you hit the subscribe button, you’ll be ready to roll. With epic videos, wild Razor rides, and stars you love, we have something for everyone!

We’re starting off with a tail whip tutorial. 

Safety first! Strap on your helmet and get ready to ride. In our first video, we’ll be teaching you how to safely do an epic tail whip. And there’s more how to videos to come! With step by step instructions, we’re making it easy and safe for anyone to learn how to do some cool tricks to impress your friends and family.

Your favorite stars are joining us too.

On Razor’s new YouTube channel, you’ll get to see The Vault Pro Scooters team do some awesome tricks! And you won’t want to miss legendary rider Talon Hawkins showing off his skills riding his RipSurf on a halfpipe. That’s just a few of the celebrities we’ll have joining us, so make sure you’re subscribed and never miss a video with your favorite stars.

And we’ll have a lot of fun!

Since we’re making videos just for you, of course we’re making sure you’ll have a lot of laughs. We’ll have some hilarious pranks, epic challenges, and even an appearance from the toilet paper fairy. Who is the toilet paper fairy? Just wait and see!

You can catch a new video every Wednesday with bonus videos every other Friday.

So get ready for some extreme Razor videos.

Make sure your homework is done, and your helmet is on, because these videos are about be epic. Go to Ride Razor now and hit subscribe so you won’t miss any of the awesome videos we’ve created just for you.