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Spring Break on a Scooter – 5 Fun Scooter Games


Spring break is a great time for a staycation! No delayed flights, dinged-up rental cars, or noisy hotel rooms to deal with, but keeping your kids busy at home can be a challenge. Sure, they’re happy to lounge on the couch and play Roblox all day, but, if you’re like the nearly 40% of parents who say their child spends too much time using tablets, smartphones, and other handheld devices*, you’d rather see them playing outside – and Razor can help get them there! Inspire your kids to get up and get moving over the break with these five, fun scooter games guaranteed to get their hearts pumping and put a smile on everyone’s face.


  1. Finish Line – Find a wide-open, paved space like a park path, empty parking lot, or school yard, use sidewalk chalk to mark a starting line and finish line, and GO! See who can reach the finish line first, then try going there AND back, race using the opposite leg to push, or even try racing backwards!


  1. Race the Space – Create your own obstacle course including chalk line straightaways and corkscrews, bean bag or cones to zig zag around, and more – get creative! Take turns navigating the course for practice, then get out your phone and time each other to see how fast you can get through it.


  1. Red Light Green Light – Transform this classic kids’ game by playing it on your Razor Kick Scooter! You’ll need at least two players, a “caller”, and some sidewalk chalk to get started. Mark a starting line and a finish line, then line the scooters up so the front wheels are just behind the starting line, with at least three feet between them. The caller calls “Green Light” and all players kick off, stopping only when they hear “Red Light”. Continue until the first rider reaches the finish line, disqualifying any riders who are still rolling when a “Red Light” has been called.


  1. Capture the Flag – Find a scooter-friendly space with obstacles like benches and utility boxes to hide behind (a school yard is perfect). Divide your riders into two teams, give each team a “flag” (an old hand towel, material scrap, or bandana will do), and give the teams a moment to hide their flags and pick a spot for their “jail.” Meet in the middle, and ready, set, go! Each team tries to steal the other’s flag without being tagged. Get tagged and go to jail – you can only exit if a player from your own team comes to tag you out. Grab the other team’s flag before they get yours and you win!


  1. Scooter Soccer – Mark two 6-foot goals with sidewalk chalk, grab a ball, and position your teams (2-4 players each) with a goalie on each side. Toss a coin to see who kicks first, then place the ball in the center of the playing “field” and give it a kick. Players must be on their scooters at all times and have one foot on their scooter when kicking the ball. Kick the ball into the goal and score a point. The first team to score 10 goals wins the game!


*American Speech-Language-Hearing Association & Read Aloud 15 Minutes, Popular Technology Survey June 18, 2018