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Camp Razor: Scooty Snacks


What’s up campers?! How’s it hanging out there in summerland?! Scoot here, welcome to another week of Camp Razor. This week, we’re exploring uncharted terrain, the kitchen. That’s right! A ride is only as good as the snacks that follow. So, park your Razor, grab an apron, and let’s get to snacking!


What you’ll need:

Whether you’re raiding your cabinets or plotting your trip to the store, grab a parent. Cooking with a pal is always safer and way more fun than cooking alone. Next, here are a few things you’ll need to whip up these camp classic snacks. In addition to your snack food elements, you’ll need toothpicks, a cutting knife for slicing fruits and veggies, and a cutting board or clean counter surface. Hungry yet? Then let’s get to it!


Click here for your own copy of our rad recipes.


Snack 1:

Scoot N’ Munch 

Scoot N’ Munch 



For Sweet and Salty:

Pretzel sticks

Graham crackers

Peanut butter or hazelnut spread

Round chocolate candies or mini peanut butter cups



For Crunchy and Fresh:


Cherry tomatoes

Cucumbers or zucchini

Pretzel sticks

Cheese sticks


*Pro Tip: Wash your hands and rinse all veggies before snacking


This classic snack comes in two varieties: Sweet and Salty or Crunchy and Fresh. To assemble this classic scooter shaped snack, choose a sturdy base for your scooter like a cracker or cheese stick. Next, use your pretzel or veggie sticks for the T-bar of your snack. Secure your T-bar into the base and use your dipping spreads as “glue” to attach your choice of wheels. For sturdier snacks, you can use toothpicks to create your wheelbase by putting one wheel on each end, attaching to your scooter base with your snack spread glue. Just don’t forget to remove them before chowing down on this tasty treat!

classic snacks


Snack 2: Bite Size Boards


bite size boards snack



Apple or banana Slices

Blueberries, kiwis, or grapes



Our next tasty treat is a fresh fruit take on our rad collection of razor skateboards. To create your edible masterpiece, start by picking your base fruit for your skate deck. The round edge of your apple slice or banana slice will face upward with the fruit wheels attaching on the flat side of the slice. Attach your fruit wheels by placing the toothpicks through your base fruit and adding the wheels on each side of the toothpick. Just don’t forget to remove them before you eat these tasty treats. Decorate with peanut butter or hazelnut spread for added rad flavor. And there you have it, a tasty, skate-ready snack.


Snack 3: Ra-Za

Ra-Za snack


Crescent rolls, English muffins, or pita bread

Tomato or pizza sauce

Shredded mozzarella cheese


Optional veggies

Everyone loves a slice of Pizza, or as we at Camp Razor like to call it, Za. This fun and creative twist on mini pizzas will take your taste buds for a ride they won’t soon forget. Let’s get to cooking! For this camp creation, you’ll need to grab a parent and crank up your oven or toaster oven to 375 degrees. Line a pan with foil, grab your crust, and start piling on the pizza sauce. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your toppings! Make a Razor “R” out of veggies, pop down some pepperoni wheels, toss on some cheese and place your Ra-Zas in the oven for 7-12 minutes or until your toppings are a yummy, melty pile of deliciousness and your crust is perfectly golden and ready to be devoured.


Time to Eat

So now that you’ve whipped up some mouthwatering, taste bud tingling, undeniably yummy, and nutritious snacks, there’s only one thing left to do, DIG IN! But before you clear that plate, be sure to share all your tasty creations by tagging #CampRazor on social @razorworldwide or sending me an email for a chance to be featured. Bon appétit! Later, Razors!