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Ready for a 4th of July Scoot By?


scoot by in style


Hey there campers! Scoot here, back again to kick off a sweet summer of totally awesome activities. Only this time, I’m not just your regular Camp Counselor, but Uncle Scoot, champion of fun, and I want YOU to get ready for the celebration of the summer. That’s right, I’m talking about partying like it’s 1776…..but with scooters and stuff. So, grab your Razor, family and friends, and get ready for a rocking 4th of July Scoot-By.  


A Scoot-By, what on earth is that? 

Glad you asked. Think of it like a block party on wheels. The Scoot-By is a fun, social distancing approved way to give a big ol’ hello to nearby friends and family. Part parade, part party, this activity is full of fun, friends, and rider style. As always, we’ll walk you through what you’ll need to bring your own 4th of July Scoot-By to life.


Let’s get down to the details.

The first step of your Scoot-By, your ride. Like any good parade, it’s all about the flair. Transform your Razor into a patriotic and epic ride that your friends and family will love to see racing by as you offer a big shout and a wave. Here are some Camp Razor favorites to Scoot-ify your ride.


What You’ll Need 

Number one: Decorations

Whether you’re rocking a classic kick scooter or you’re more of the electric scooter type, you can’t go wrong with adding some classic flair. Balloons, glow sticks, stickers, and streamers make a great addition to any ride. From flying the wind as they hang off your handlebars or being used to create stripes down your T-bar, these decorations are fun, easy, weightless ways to show your rider pride. Need more ideas? Print out our collection of camper favorites.

decorate your scooter

Number two: Signs

Create your very own “Scooter Plate” message with a fun and festive sign. Attached to the front of your handlebars, use cardboard, foam board, or construction paper and create a celebratory message to give your ride something to say.

scoot plate

And number three: My personal favorite, your gear.

It should come as no surprise that we at Camp Razor love our gear. The Scoot-By is no exception. From adding streamers or stickers to your helmet and rocking some red, white, or blue face paint, to assembling a legendary rider outfit, Scoot-By in a style that is fun and undeniably you.

gear up

You look the part, now what? 

There’s only one thing left to do, plan your route. Grab a parent, your siblings, nearby pals, and work together to create your Scoot-By roadmap. Whether you’re just going down the block or taking a ride down the road, make sure you and your fellow riders have plenty of daylight and a parent or two for a safe and epic Scoot-By. As always, we love when our campers make activities their own. So, no matter how you ride, from adding in a portable speaker for some scooter tunes or coordinating some dance moves, be sure to take lots of snapshots and go get the party started!


So that’s it my friends.

The low down on the Scoot-By. Share all your Razor transformations by tagging #CampRazor on social @razorworldwide or sending me an email for a chance to be featured. Signing off and scooting out, later Razors!