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San Diego – Let’s EcoSmart Together


San Diego, we were your childhood wheels, then Razor grew up just like you and we introduced ourselves as your fun and efficient mobility choice back in August. Now, we come back to you with more development and innovation and choice. We bring you for the first time ever on Razor Share: EcoSmart scooter.

The Razor Share EcoSmart scooter was built from the ground up with you mind. Your convenience and safety is our number one priority – this is all about YOUR experience.

Are you going on a longer ride? Don’t you worry, the EcoSmart scooter has a large padded seat so you can have the option of sitting or standing.

Do you have extra luggage that’s difficult to carry while you scoot? We got you, put your stuff away in the front-mounted basket.

Is safety a concern when you ride electric scooters? It is for us too. That’s why we have a hand-operated rear disk brake that offers impressive stopping power and the maximum speed of EcoSmart scooters is 15 mph.

As you grew up and continue to progress, Razor is right there with you. We change and adapt with you to meet your new needs. Whether you’re heading to work or school, running some errands, or just exploring this beautiful city of San Diego, the EcoSmart scooter was built to provide you with a fun, safe, and convenient transportation option.