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Born of Authentic California Skate Culture. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard


Born of Authentic California Skate Culture. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard.  Cruises Past Competition to Win Approval from Skaters, Parents, and Experts Alike!

As a mid-western kid growing up in the ‘80’s, Ian Desberg raced BMX bikes, skateboarded, snowboarded, and longed for the California culture he read about in magazines like BMX Action and Action Now! Fast forward 30 years and Ian is living his dream, heading up Design & Development at Razor where he works, surfs, and skates alongside some of the shredders he read about as a kid.

(“1984: 17-Year-Old Ian Desberg’s Burton Snowboard Certification Pass”)

Ian’s legit passion for the California lifestyle and action sports, along with input from the Razor Design Team and inspiration from some of the top independent skateboard manufacturers in California, has launched the RazorX line of electric skateboards to superstardom, including a recent honor from the 2018 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. 

The review reads, “Parents were admittedly a little concerned when they first saw an electric skateboard. Admittedly, the idea of their children zipping along at motorized speeds can be a bit intimidating. That was all before they saw this awesome skateboard in action. Considerably easier to control than first thought, their kids not only gravitated to it, they mastered it in no time. The wheels are sturdy and durable, easily traversing bumps and small rocks in the road. Even if your child hasn’t really mastered their skateboarding skills the RazorX is a great ride on toy. The reason is that the skateboard is the perfect width for children to be able to sit down or stand up on it while riding.”  Read more on The National Parenting Center website.

Says Ian, “One thing we did when designing this line that other manufacturers and importers did not was drive up and down the California coast, visiting skateboard companies and shops that we admire, trading surf and skate stories, hanging out, and riding each other’s boards, with the goal of immersing ourselves in the history and culture of skateboarding in Southern California.”

Ian’s team succeeded in creating an electric board that says true to the roots of the So. Cal. skate culture while embracing modern technology. In addition to incorporating the ‘70’s-esque, short board design with pointy, surfboard-style nose and tail, a trend that has gained popularity over the last 10 years, the RazorX Cruiser electric skateboard features a proprietary gear drive system that uses a motor to drive the gears that power the hub in one of the wheels, rather than the off-the-shelf, in-wheel motors used by much of the competition. The result is an on-trend, super-stylish, lighter-weight board with a more efficient power system, longer battery life, and more affordable price point ($179.99).

Great for casual cruising and sidewalk surfing, the RazorX Cruiser features large, urethane wheels that roll easily over cracks and debris and handle carve-and-turn action like a pro. Powered by a 125-watt, electric, rear-wheel motor with a lithium-ion battery, the Cruiser is controlled by a hand-held remote and hits speeds of up to 10 mph. Soft-start, kick-activated technology ramps the motor up slowly and delivers just the right balance of power and speed for everyone from newbies to experienced riders. And, with an easy braking functionality, the RazorX Cruiser goes from full speed to a total stop in just a few feet.

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RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard
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