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Welcome to Razor’s Ed


Hey there Campers! How’s it scootin’? Camp Counselor Scoot here; Welcome back to another week of Camp Razor. This week, we’re putting your rider knowledge to the test. You guessed it, we’re gearing up for Razor’s Ed. So, strap on your helmet, and that thinking cap, and get ready to earn your very own Razor License. 


What you’ll need:

First things first, grab a parent. They’ll be able to help you set up the test course and run down the Razor’s Ed checklist with you. Next, grab some sidewalk chalk, cones, or other easy to see place markers to help set up the test course. And as always, you’ll need your gear so break out that helmet, tie those shoelaces, and grab your ride. Think you can pass the test? Then let’s get to it! 


razor's ed checklist


At Camp Razor, we believe safety is always first. 

For your first Razor’s Ed lesson, we’ll be running you through the basic Razor safety rules:

  1. ALWAYS ride with a helmet. Nobody wants a wipe out but they happen. So be prepared to protect that brain of yours with a sweet looking helmet.
  2. What’s on your feet is just as important as what’s on your head. The right shoes help keep you safe while riding so ALWAYS make sure there are no loose laces to get caught in your wheels or exposed toes.
  3. Make sure your ride is right for YOU. The right handlebar height is important to help you ride safely and comfortably. So ALWAYS make sure your T-bar is locked tight at just the right height.
  4. Where to ride matters just as much as how you ride. ALWAYS ride where there is plenty of daylight, good weather, and where you can be easily seen from all directions. Parks and driveways make for the best routes. Make sure to avoid loose gravel or uneven pavement, these will wreck your wheels and can cause nasty wipes outs. So, stick to nice, level surfaces for optimal scootering.


Now that we’ve covered how to safely navigate the road, let’s make sure you know your way around your ride. 

The best riders are the ones who know their ride like the back of their hand. So, let’s make sure you know yours.

  1. Stop and Start. If your ride has a built-in brake, know where it’s located. And knowing how to stop is just as important as knowing when to stop. Be sure to give yourself enough time to hit the brake. Nobody wants a crash landing at the finish line.
  2. When the ride is over, don’t leave your Razor hanging around. Know how to fold, park, store, and safely put away your ride. Whether you’ve got a folding Kick Scooter or a classic style, know how to fold your ride or use your kickstand to properly store your wheels between rides. If going electric is how your roll, make sure your Hovertrax, Dirt Rocket or other electric ride is properly turned off and ready to be stored safely and out of the way.
  3. Ride with Pride. Not only is this a Camp Razor rule, but a way of life. Riding with pride means taking the best care of your ride. From cleaning your wheels of gravel or grass, to making sure your deck and grips are clean and sturdy, know what parts of your ride need care. A well-maintained Razor is key to a smooth, safe ride.


Think you’ve got it? Then let’s put that knowledge to the test! 


downloadable checklist


Parents, use our test checklist to score your rider.

Remember those cones and sidewalk chalk we had your grab earlier? Work with your parents to lay out the test course. First, create two clearly marked lines, about 40 big paces apart will do, for your start and stop test. Next, mark off a parking zone. Create a square with cones or with chalk, about 5 paces on each side, to mark off your designated Razor parking spot. And for your last course construction, create an oversized “R” out of chalk or cones as a turn test. Now that your test course is set, it’s time to gear up and go!


Razor’s Ed Test Checklist:

  1. Have rider properly put on their helmet and check for proper riding shoes (no loose laces or exposed toes)
  2. Have rider call out the main parts of their Razor by name (handlebars, brake, wheels)
  3. Ask rider what two locations make for the safest ride routes (parks and driveways)
  4. Have the rider properly mount their Razor at the start line, ride at a steady pace towards the finish line and complete a proper stop without crossing the marked line
  5. Have rider show you the proper way to “look both ways” before continuing on with the test
  6. Have rider complete an “R” turn: ride straight ahead, complete a circular turn to the right, and ride back
  7. Ask rider to when the best time to ride is (daylight and no rain)
  8. Inspect the rider’s Razor for proper maintenance (no loose wheels, clean, proper grips)
  9. Have rider properly park, fold, or turn off their Razor in the designated Razor park zone
  10. Have rider show their pride with a big Camp Razor woo-hoo!


You did it!

I knew you would totally crush that test! Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of official Razor riders! You just earned your very own Razor License! All that’s left to do now is print off your official license certificate, attach a snapshot of yourself, and officially graduate from Razor’s Ed!


driver's ed license


It’s been a fun week here at Camp Razor, we can’t wait to catch back up with you next week for more legendary summer fun. In the meantime, be sure to send us lots of cool snapshots by tagging #CampRazor on social @razorworldwide and as always, shoot me an email for any scootering or dudering questions! Later, Razors!