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Razor Whipping (and Nae Nae-ing) Into 25 MORE American High Schools This Fall


Our first tour with High School Nation, a group dedicated to helping public schools advance in music, arts, and sports, was such a success that Razor will be partnering up with the group to visit 25 MORE American high schools this fall!

High School Nation is the largest producer of on-campus events during the school day in the US, providing music festivals, lunchtime concert takeovers, celebrity appearances, prom events, motivational speakers and authors, contests and sweepstakes, and other events. HSN helps support public high school creative arts and athletic programs and facilitates substantial donations for schools including music recording studios and weight and fitness rooms, as well as team uniforms, sports equipment, media labs, and more.

Beginning October 26, High School Nation will be making stops at high schools in Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. This latest tour will hit five schools a week for five full weeks.

Students participating in this fall’s events will experience a jam-packed day full of all kinds of super-fun activities, culminating with the donation of a $12K music studio package from High School Nation. Events include:

  • Making Hollister-style tee shirts at the Hollister Style Zone
  • Jamming out on the drums and guitar at the Guitar Center Music Zone
  • Crafting awesome Sparkling Ice spin art
  • Learning to dance with an LA dance pro who’s appeared on Glee and toured with Usher, Beyonce, and Katy Perry
  • Mastering super-popular video game Hearthstone at the Blizzard Gaming Zone
  • Raking in some seriously awesome merch
  • Rocking to the stylin’ sounds of Silent, of Whip and Nae Nae fame

And, of course…

Yup, some lucky students will get to participate in a one-on-one Razor DXT Drift Trike race through an on-campus obstacle course. Winners of each heat will go on to challenge each other until a champion is selected. A handful of winners of various events at each school will also take home one of 100 Razor RipStiks and Kick Scooters donated for the event!

Don’t know the DXT Drift Trike? With moto-style steel construction and 10” slick rear wheels, the Drift Trike is built for edge-of-your-seat downhill drifting in the straightaways while handling the tightest of curves.  Downhill racing gets way more radical with the Drift Trike!

And you don’t have to win an HSN challenge to bring home a RipStik! With a high-tech, slip-resistant, polymer deck, rubber-padded steel torsion bar, and high-grade urethane wheels on 360-degree inclined casters, the RipStik caster board is like surfing or snowboarding on dry land without ever pushing off the ground!

You also can’t go wrong with a class Razor kick scooter! Since 2000, the Razor A kick-scooter captured the hearts and minds of kids of all ages and has become an icon of American culture and the go-to ride for urban dwellers, celebrities, commuters, co-eds, high school and college students, and anyone who’s going places.

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