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Razor Premieres New 2018 Products at New York Toy Fair


Razor Launches their New Turbo Jetts along with other Must-Have TechnoSport products for Outdoor Play at Toy Fair 2018

Razor’s new electric-powered heel wheels along with other with other electric-powered outdoor gear, prove to parents and kids you can have the latest technology without being attached to a screen.


New York, New York – February 17, 2018 – – Razor is proving once again, at this year’s Toy Fair, that they are the leader in innovative TechnoSport products and parent-esteemed wheeled kid movers that encourage and drive outdoor play.

Razor, best known for their nostalgic scooters, has been creating innovative outdoor gear and electric-powered youth lifestyle recreational wheeled goods to inspire and excite riders for almost two decades and is a name parents have known and trusted for their kids and themselves.

From electric scooters and electric skateboards to hoverboards and more, Razor is leading the way in the kids and family tech space for outdoor play…and their new product launch of the Razor Turbo JettsTM, the new Drift Rider, and all new ultralight and lithium powered electric scooters, electric skateboards and limited-edition RipStiks are taking it to a whole other level!

Razor Turbo Jetts electric-powered motorized heel wheels are already on the hot list for 2018.  Simply step, roll and take off with powered heel wheels easily controlled via a hands free, foot activated 80-watt, geared-drive motor. The experience is a one-of-a-kind ride and boost to any pair of sneakers.  Turbo Jetts are an innovative expansion to the already popular Jetts heel wheels collection, taking ride-on fun to a whole new level, adding an electric motor.

Also receiving its national premiere is the new Drift Rider, slated to be available this Fall, will be a must-have on every child’s holiday wish-list! Drift Rider is an electric powered drift cycle featuring one-of-a-kind 3D steering. This cool ride steers like a bike and corners like a motorcycle, bringing the two together in an insanely fun blend of motorcycling corner and drifting action you control!

“We are so excited for all of the new 2018 products and proud of the cutting-edge designs and technology,” says Erin Bitar, Vice President, Global Marketing. “However, what makes us happiest, is simultaneously being able to give parents great outdoor play kid movers for hours of fun and fresh air, while also giving families quality products and the peace of mind from a brand they know and trust. We aspire to be a brand the continues to inspire families to get outside together!”

Razor proves that you can get the latest technology without being attached to a screen and still get outside and enjoy some fresh air. And Razor is all about getting outside and enjoying time with family.

This iconic brand is continuing to lead the e-mobility category, inspiring a new generation of parents who grew up with the original Razor Scooter, to share their childhood memories with their children.

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About Razor USA

Razor has always been a leader in youth lifestyle recreational products, from the launch of the original A model scooter in 2000 to the introduction of new products in 2017. Continued support of the growing pro scooter movement has also positioned Razor as a strong leader in new categories of ride-ons and action sports – categories that they continue to help define. Today, Razor products are available worldwide, with a full range of wheeled goods to inspire and excite riders everywhere. Innovative products and great value have distinguished Razor as a trusted global brand and industry leader. For more information, please visit: