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Razor Launches Dockless EcoSmart Scooter in Tempe


EcoSmart Scooter Offers Comfortable Seating and Mounted Basket

Tempe, AZ, November 27, 2018 — Razor has launched its dockless shared EcoSmart scooter in Tempe adding new e-mobility options for adult riders of all ages.

The Razor Share EcoSmart is built from the ground up specifically for the rigors of shared scooting. The Razor red EcoSmart is similar to the dockless Razor Share e-scooters but with a

large padded seat for those long rides and a front-mounted basket to store belongings while San Diegans run errands or commute to work.

“Razor’s dockless EcoSmart scooter was built with the rider’s comfort in mind,” said Danny Simon, Chief Operating Officer for Razor USA. “With the option of standing or sitting and a front-mounted basket, the EcoSmart scooter is great for all adult riders, especially on those longer rides or when you are running errands.”

The dockless EcoSmart scooter first launched in San Diego earlier this month and has been widely popular for adult riders of all ages. Tempe is the second city to receive the Razor EcoSmart Scooters, and the company will be launching the product in other cities across the U.S.

The EcoSmart is built with a large frame and cushy large wheels to offer the smoothest ride. Safety is priority in design, and its hand-operated rear disk break provides impressive stopping power for a peace of mind and worry-free ride. The EcoSmart will go a maximum speed of 15 mph.

Photos of the EcoSmart scooter in Tempe.

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