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Razor Hovertrax™ Ride Guide


Learn how to master the ride of the Razor Hovertrax

Read the Hovertrax ride guide below to hone your skills, avoid spills and join the ranks of master Hovertrax riders.

Razor Hovertrax Guide to Hover-board-like Ride
Download the Hovertrax Ride Guide

It’s time to revolutionize the way you get from place to place. Stop living in the past and step up to the next level of transportation with the new Razor Hovertrax and Hovertrax DLX.

The Hovertrax combines innovative gyro-sensor technology that adjusts to your every move with dual-hub motors that power you forward.  Riding the Razor Hovertrax will feel like riding a hover board straight from the future.

With the Razor Hovertrax, the universe is yours to explore!

Choose your style: Red or Blue to experience the ultimate hover-board-like ride.

Razor Hovertrax Red
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