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Razor Fan Faves – Don Hudson


From rough back roads to the real world, Razor fan Don Hudson knows that plenty of practice makes for safer rides – and revvs up confidence that lasts a lifetime.

(“Don Hudson, Dream Dad”)

You could say Don was born to ride motorcycles. His grandfather was an original Yellow Plate flat track racer and his father raced for Yamaha. Don grew up riding with the best of the best and learned early that practicing proper riding techniques prevents accidents and makes for better riders – and better rides. A big believer in the power of safe riding, Don eventually became an advanced motorcycle instructor, teaching the Ride Like a Cop course to help keep other riders safe.

(“Don’s Dad, Jim Hudson, a Former Yamaha Racer”)

Like father (and grandfather!), like son, this mega-moto fan is sharing his love of the open road with his own family. Lucky 7-year-old Declan and 5-year-old Camden get to practice with a pro, learning the rules of the road and safe riding skills early and often. Don even sets up obstacle courses for the boys to master in their neighborhood park, riding their Razor MX350 Dirt Rockets (although Camden prefers navigating trees and loose gravel to asphalt and groomed trails).

Don purchased the Razor MX350 Dirt Rockets because they’ve got the torque and power he was looking for and, as he says, “It’s significantly less expensive than its gas-powered counterparts and has essentially the same operating controls.”  Don’s only complaint? Razor doesn’t offer the same ride for adults!

Don plans on hitting the forest trails with his boys this summer to test their skills, teach them to respect the natural beauty of the woods surrounding their Portland, OR home, and spend some seriously awesome quality time together.

But the buck doesn’t stop with the boys! Don’s got a two-year-old daughter who’s ready to ride just as soon as Daddy says the word – and as soon as Razor offers the Dirt Rocket in her favorite shades of pink and purple ?.

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