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Power Core™ E90™: Power Up with More Torque and Double the Ride Time


With Great Power Comes Great Fun

Watch the Power Core E90 ride video:

Power-up your ride with all new Power Core Technology

Featuring Razor’s new Power Core Technology, the Razor Power Core E90 ups the ante for electric scooters once again. Power Core is Razor’s breakthrough hub motor technology that integrates the electric motor directly into the rear wheel hub, which eliminates the need for a chain. More efficient and maintenance-free, the innovative Power Core hub motor gives the Power Core E90 up to 80 minutes of ride time, double the ride time of similar electric scooters!

Razor Power Core E90 hub-motor

The Full Power of Power Core
More ride time and more muscle power sounds awesome, right? It does, and there’s even more to the Power Core E90. Razor’s innovative Power Core E90 design delivers a whole list of benefits:

Razor Power Core E90 Features

Light and Strong

  • Light weight — only 22lbs
  • All steel frame
  • All steel fork

Enhanced Speed

  • Speeds up to 10 mph
  • 50% more torque for next level performance
  • Up to 80 minutes of ride time
  • 2X longer ride time than comparable scooters

Maintenance Free

  • No alignment required
  • No chain
  • No chain tensioner

Choose your next-level electric scooter style: Green or Pink.

Razor Power Core E90 GreenRazor Power Core E90 Pink