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POLL: What Rides Do Your Lil’ Ones Love?



For every kid, there is a Razor ride and a style that goes along with it.

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Check out the Razor Jr. rides that inspired these styles:

Razor Jr. Lil' Crazy - Vote Now!Lil’ Crazy:
Move over, big bro and big sis, this little one is coming at ya full speed on the Razor Jr. Lil’ Crazy. Inspired by the Razor Crazy Cart, this electric ride on is specifically built for beginners.


Razor Jr. Mini Mod - Vote Now!Mini Mod — Style & Flair:
Do you have a stylin’ little one who wants to be cool just like mom and dad? The Razor Jr. Mini Mod is a totally hip, bright colored ride that builds coordination in a super fun way.


Razor Jr. Kitten Kix - Vote Now!Kitten Kix — Cute as a Kitten:
Can we get a “meow”? With giant fur paws and glittery wheels, the Razor Jr. Kitten Kix is a Razor scooter that feline fans will be clawing over.


Razor Jr. Robo Kix - Vote Now!Robo Kix — Total Go-bot:
A futuristic cruising machine of robotic proportions, the Razor Jr. Robo Kix takes little ones on out of this world adventures.