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New Rules for Denver Scooter-Share Blog Post


Attention, Denver: New Tips to Know Before You Scoot!

Hey, Denver! Times, they are a changin’ and so are the rules to ride in your beautiful Mile High City. So, before you hop on your next shared Razor Scooter, we wanted to make sure you are aware of the updated rules of the road for scooter share.


The big change is that electric, dockless scooter riders should now share the road with drivers and bicyclists. But, there are a few special conditions to this rule you need to know. Don’t worry. We’re here to help! We’ve broken down the new rule for you below.


When can a shared e-scooter rider use the sidewalk?

Riders may ride on the sidewalks in Denver only when a bike lane is NOT available AND the speed limit on the road is OVER 30MPH.


When should a rider use a bike lane?

A shared-scooter rider must ride in the bike lane when a lane is available.


When should a rider share the road with cars?

If no bike lanes are available, adult scooter riders should use the far-right lanes of the road IF the speed limit is BELOW 30 mph.


And here’s a refresher on the other rules to remember when scooting in Denver:


Please avoid e-scooting in the following areas:

  • 16th Street Mall
  • All parks
  • The Auraria Campus
  • Mile High Stadium
  • Any RTD bus/light rail stop


Safety is #1: Razor dockless scooters are exclusively one user at a time. Only adults who are 18 and over with a driver’s license can ride.


Park Respectfully: Riding a Razor is all about having fun and enjoying life, while being respectful of everyone else. Leave the scooters parked in an upright position close to an in-place bike rack. It’s important that no scooter is left blocking pedestrian flow, blocking driveways, sidewalk ramps, or business entrances.


Razor Riders are Smart Riders: As you’ve heard (, we find your town to be an exciting one. The Denver Beer Trail is definitely on our must-do list, but we won’t be riding scooters afterwards. So remember, absolutely no riding e-scooters under the influence. Follow this simple rule, and we can keep the road safe for everyone.


Scooting is a stress-free way to enjoy the day. Keep these tips in mind and we will have no scooter problems. For more info on the city’s regulations checkout Denver’s Public Works guidelines, click here. If you’re planning on using public transportation after or before scooting, check out RTD’s guide on scooters.


Happy scooting!