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Meet Scoot – Savior of Summer Fun


Rather listen? Hear this post read by your radness himself, Scoot.


meet scoot

Meet Scoot: Savior of Summer Fun

What’s up? Glad you stopped by. We have a ton of epic activities and events and all kinds of ways to make this summer…well…not lame. Even if you’re at home and playing keep-away from pretty much the rest of the world.

I’m here to make sure summer is still totally sweet and you’re not bored out of your mind binge watching the same show for the 5th time.

So, let’s start this shindig off with a meet and greet. Who am I?

Well my name is Ray. Ray Zerscooter. But everybody calls me Scoot. I’ve been tailwhipping through life and riding rad ever since I got my first scooter at 4 years old. And yes, the rumors are true. I once did a manual across campus for 8 minutes straight.

scoot bio card

I’m stoked to pass on my knowledge of the Art of Shreddage to all you because…drumroll, please…I’ll be hosting and posting and making the mosting of this blog for the summer.

We’re putting on: Camp Razor. Everyone and anyone who wants to can join in from home. And I’ll be your head counselor for the summer. It’s going to be gnarly to the max. I’m talking things to do every week, ways you and your fam can connect and share over social media, and even some awards and prizes. But don’t worry. No one is going to make you do macaroni art. Not on my watch.

welcome to camp razor

Check back later this week for more deets on camp. It’s starting up soon. You know I’ll be there.

Until next time—this has been the Duder of Scooter. The First-Mate of Skate. Head Counselor and Living Camp Legend, Ray Zerscooter.

But seriously. Just call me Scoot.

Later, Razors!

PS (that’s Post Shred): If you have any questions or ideas for me, or just want to share some sweet scooter stories, email me or hit us up on social by using #CampRazor.