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Long Beach Razor Share Month-iversary


You never forget your first love, or in this case, community partner. Long Beach, you have been there since day one and we’ll never forget it. You took a chance and swiped right when we submitted our proposal to operate on your streets.

Right from the start, you became curious when you saw us parked on the designated city drop-off zones. You were curious and we were eager to introduce ourselves. Flattered by the interest, we got to know each other during the community launch on Ocean Avenue where we enjoyed the delicious food trucks together. You grabbed your free helmet and we instantly knew we made a connection.

We got to know each other pretty quickly, but when you know you know. Your unique personality captured our eyes. We were hooked. Since then, you scooted through Downtown, the waterfront, and by the Aquarium. In a short time, we have grown together and learned from one another.

To keep us going strong, remember: wear a helmet, one scooter per person, valid driver’s licenses is required, no one below 18 years old can ride, and stay off the sidewalks.

From the moment you granted us a permit, we knew it was a match. Some say celebrating the one-month mark is not Insta-worthy, but we just couldn’t help documenting our first milestone.

You’re the wheels to our road, and can’t wait to see where this community partnership takes us. We’re very lucky to have embarked on this journey with you.

Here’s to 30 days of Us, Long Beach!