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Left Behind by Back to School?


Back to school can be an exciting time, but sometimes little ones can feel a bit left out! If you’ve got an under-school-aged kiddo at home, we’ve got some ideas to help you keep your pint-sized preschooler busy this fall – at least ‘til his siblings get home!

Make Mini Muffins

‘Tis the season – for pumpkin spice! We’ve seen everything from lattes and candles to toothpaste and even toilet paper (okay, that one did turn out to be a hoax, but we all believed it for a minute, right?). Don’t hate – embrace with delicious, homemade pumpkin muffins you and your child make together! Baking is a great way to spend time together and helps little ones develop early math skills, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and more. Plus, who doesn’t love to lick the beaters?

Mini muffin tins make portions sized perfectly for preschoolers and you can buy mini muffin paper baking cups, so you won’t even have to wash the tin. Our favorite recipe is here, but you can find all kinds of variations online. And, remember, pumpkin is technically a fruit, so you don’t have to feel guilty about gobbling these fall-themed goodies.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Get Ooey Gooey with Fall Slime

Kids love making slime, so why not give in and try it – together! This fall-twist on traditional slime is pretty and fun to play with. Start by mixing 4 oz. of clear glue with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl. Then blend a tablespoon of saline solution, a little bit at a time, into the mixture, until it starts to stick together. Continue adding small squirts of saline and kneading by hand until the slime forms a loose, stretchy pile that’s not too sticky. Now mix in some fall-colored glitter – large flakes of golds, reds, oranges, and yellows work best with this recipe.

That’s it! Now stretch it, fold it, squish it to hear it crackle like a fall fire, smash it flat, cut it with cookie cutters – go to town! PS – slime is for kids ages 2 and up. Make sure your children don’t put it in their mouths and it’s a good idea to wash your hands when you’re done.

Ride Your Razor

Razor’s got all kinds of rides for little ones! The Twisti Turtle and Twisti Little Buzz are propelled by side-to-side handlebar movement, easy enough for a 1 ½ year old to master. Our t3, KIX, and light-up Lil’ Pop Scooters feature two wheels in front and one in back, making it easy to turn and hard to tip over. The Lil’ Kick has large, urethane wheels and a wider, no-slip deck designed for stability. We’ve even got an electric scooter designed specifically for kids ages 3 years and up!

So grab your child’s Razor ride and head outside for some fresh, fall air! Pick a smooth, safe path, preferably somewhere pretty, and let your little one loose! Scoot til’ you can’t scoot anymore, then make your way home, slowly. Try to find objects that start with the letter “B”, search for beautiful fall leaves, and enjoy this special time together.

Remember to follow all of the rules of the road when riding with your little one, including exiting their scooter or trike and walking across intersections; wearing a helmet, fitted clothes that won’t interfere with their leg movement or get caught on anything, and sporting rubber soled shoes; and checking your child’s ride to make sure everything is working properly before each and every ride.