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How ya doin, Dallas!


What a pleasure it is to be introduced to the Star of the ‘Lone Star State!’ We cannot believe that we’re finally riding our dockless Razor e-scooters on your streets. The day has come, and we can’t seem to stop scooting without a smile our face.

Let’s not skip the greetings: we were your childhood wheels, your ride to the corner market, and the cause of your first skinned knee (sorry). Now, we’ve grown up, and we’ve learned to Share.

As of this week, Razor will be joining the City of Dallas as part of a new pilot program for Razor Share!

Razor is here a whole new form of fun! Need to get across town for a quick lunch? Meeting with some buddies at Lee Harvey’s? Want to zip down to the Farmer’s Market after work? Ready to get the night started up in Oak Lawn? Razor Share’s dockless scooters can help you get there while having a blast! Just make sure to download the app on your phone, upload your credit card, verify your driver’s licence, and you’re all set!

Give us a try! Download the app and make a weekend scooting around to all those spots you’ve been waiting to check out. Go to the art museum. See what’s new in the Cedars. Get lost up town. Do it all safely with Razor Share.

We want to get to know all of you. So come say “Hey!” at our community pop-up (coming soon!) and get a free helmet! Keep an eye out for that Razor-red.

For more information, go to:

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